Saturday, September 10

40k Change up: Team Tourney with Random teammates.

That's right this time were talking about playing teams with random partners.

This might not be a new idea but it is one that I have never done and soon I will have a real life report on how it worked out.

As you know I advocate trying new ways of playing to bring the love and keep things fresh.

And every once in a while I propose something that takes hold. Point being this weekend I'm playing in a TT that will be random parings for the day.

The first thing we need to come to terms with is the fact that this has to be for fun. Sure I, and everyone else still wants to win, but with out a control element like building your list to fit with your team mate you cant go into it thinking your going to dominate.

And as we all know even the best team mates can still come up short.
(See pic below)

And yes we all know that some things just don't go together.

But what about finding out that you can achieve goals with the tools you have on hand?
What about making friends with someone who you might not think about asking to be your partner? Heck I might even meet my partner for the first time ever that day.

Sure it might not be easy to get along with someone new at first, but this is a social game we play, and that's one of the great things IMO. If I wanted to never get to know the people I game with I would still be playing video games online instead.

So we will just have to wait and see what happens, I for one am looking forward to it and as I said before I will report back with results good or bad.

So have you ever played a TT with a random partner?

Is it something you would even try?

Do you have a horror story from it?

And last but not least as I was looking for photo inspiration for this article I found this last pic for you Duke, enjoy!



  1. Great pic swags, it looks exactly like me!

    I love the idea of random teams. Do you switch up each round, or is it something that you get assigned once and then you have to play with them the whole day?

    Can't wait to hear bat reps.


  2. I think that would be pretty fun, actually. Especially if you switched partners each round. But you really wouldn't go into it with a hyper-competitive approach like you would a normal tournament, because all it would take is one bad partner or bad list build and you'd be frustrated that you lost due to something beyond your control.

  3. I think its too hard to track battle points when you switch partners each round.

    And by the end of the first game you can start to get an understanding of your teammates list and playstyle that will help as the day goes on.

  4. I think that this system should be 4 games... 1 to get you used to your teammate and then the traditional three. Don't count any rounds differently, but it lessens the blow of a horrible first game due to learning.


  5. Well that would be ok, but when your playing 3 games at 2500 in 2 1/2 hours with breaks. Its a long day, add to that that some of us drive almost 2 hours each way.

    Example: I left my house at 9 am to pick up my friend on the way and get to the store at 11. I got home at 11pm.

    4 games, I dont think so.

  6. Love to play 4 games, but not possible as Swags said. I was the player Swags was matched with during the event.

    We left just before 9am to drive there, got to the store just after 11 after we ate before the event. Dropped my friend off at his place just before 11pm and drove down the road to my place within a few minutes. My friend showered and went to his girlfriends house at 11:30 that night.

    Plus Swags also didn't bring up we had some newbies there that had large armies and lack of experience with dealing with them. While this isn't a problem (as I like to see new blood joining events) it does tend to drag down games.

  7. Swags, your getting soft on me! j/k

    I suppose I also am in "Con-mode," meaning I think staying up till 11-12 pm playing games is great!


  8. I played a TT with random partners once. It was an amazing time. The only fault we had with it was that because of how the store was running things, and the fact that there were only like... 12 of us, I was at a table with one guy pretty much the entire tournament, twice against him, and once with him. It was a fun time, though, cause you get to synergize your small list with whatever your friend brings out, making list building a lot more fun. That's just my two cents though.

  9. Yea we had a small turn out but everyone who played had a good time.

    I will tell you all about it in my report.