Thursday, September 15

Results of the random TT

Well its over now, I played in a TT (team tourney) this weekend where we pulled out of a hat for our partner for the day. So this is my wrap up with a few pics.

First I guess I should start with my list. I kept it short and sweet with Draigo, a unit of Palldins (815 points and with all the extras) and a Tech Marine with grenades and a warding stave.
My big fear in doing this was to be paired up with another elite list.

As it happened I got just the right complement for my list. A big nasty Ork hoard, just what the doctor ordered!

His list:

Warboss on bike with 14 Kommandos/2 burnas/Snickrot

3 units of 30 Boyz, 3 rockets, Klaw & Pole.

2 Killer Kans

This was a great match like I said and a bunch of things went our way through the day.

This isn't a normal bat rep as we did basically the same thing in each game. So I will keep it short and just say that the Paladins made a push up the middle while the Boyz held their ground and Snickrot and the Boss put the squeeze on the opposition.

Like I said before a bunch of things went our way like me rolling for first turn and getting it in every game. No one ever got the seize on us and Snickrot/Warboss came in on turn 2 in every game. So nice!

If that wasn't enough, the store has 5 set missions they use and they rolled randomly to see what we played. Time for more luck cuz 2 of the 3 games were kill points. As it worked out I knew this would be an advantage and I only lost 2 KP's in the 3 games total.

We played some good games and had fun on our way to the win for the day.

Was there a major turn out? No
Is ArdBoyz the next weekend? Yes

Did everyone have fun? I think so.

It seemed like all who played liked how the day turned out win or lose.

For my money that's a win in its self.

Until next time remember if you find yourself complaining about the state of the game make sure you play when you get the chance to do something different like this, it could be fun.



  1. What a perfect match up! Hearing this report makes me what to do this kind of event...

    So you guys won it all, right?

  2. Oh yea, but like I said even the guys at the bottom were having a good time.

    The teams we played were:
    Cotez GK's + Wolves
    Sisters + Guard
    Draigo GK's + Orks (almost a mirror match)