Wednesday, September 21

For the Love of Tau Part 3

Hello all and welcome to part 3!

We made it to the vehicle edition of the Tau gallery.

First off I want to spend a moment to talk about getting photos of tanks.

As you know earlier we made a milk jug light box to get some better pics of infantry models. These tanks however don't fit into even my over sized container, so I made a modification to the idea.

Instead of putting the models into a container this time I'm putting the diffuser "Milk jug" over the light itself. Basically all I needed to do was get 2 empty milk jugs and cut the backs out.

Then I just sat the lamps into them. No real tricks here just slice them open, I did use some boxes to raise them up a few inches before I started but that's about it. Its also a good idea to open the neck of the jug up a bit so the heat can escape.

So lets see how it worked on some piranha skimmers.

Not too bad, I should also note that the best pics I got doing this were with the flash on.

You will notice the shadow because of it but the lamps were not doing the full job on their own.

Next up one of the transport fleet, a basic Devilfish.

This is just one of the 5 fish that are in the force. All of them have gun drones and missile pods to swap out.

Moving on lets talk heavy hitters.

How about a HammerHead/SkyRay missile rack made from a Ion Cannon.

Yes it is a bit bulky but it shoots just the same and is an easy swap out with the other 2 weapons that are magnetized. The only real reason I made this conversion was because I had my 3 Hammers built and painted when the SkyRay was released so no upgrade sprue for me.

One more, my favorite Hammer the "Disruptor"!

Its not even fair to show this one in photos. All the coolness is lost.

If you were here you would see that he is painted with "Kameleon Kolor" Copper to green.

It really changes color and sparkles in the light when opponents get down to check line of site.

The idea was to show the disruption pod being activated on this HammerHead by giving him a crazy paint job. Well mission accomplished, but then 5th edition came out and changed the obscured target rule and now I wish I had painted all of them like this one. Oh well, I still pay for the pods on all of them.

This one like the rest has the Rail Gun and Ion Cannon to swap out.

All right that's all for today, just a small section of the vehicles in my Tau force that are parked in the hanger waiting for the space program to get funding again.

Until next time, this is space slug Captain Swags saying "set your phasers to kill and proceed with caution".



  1. I love the dark/light effects on the Piranhas. Nice models, and nice photography.

  2. Thanks all, One day I will play it again too!

  3. Very sexy Tau...
    And yes, our time will come.
    Down with the Imperium!