Monday, September 26

When Worlds Collide (40k interior decorating?)

Every once in a while real life and 40K life run smack into each other. Like the first time your new girlfriend finds out you play with toys, or your coworkers find out your skipping work to travel and play with toys. The results can be anything from mundane to the extreme. This is one such story.

Among other things I do in real life one of my side projects in helping a local interior design company here in Naples. Now the one thing I never get to do in this job is offer advice or have any type of opinion, that's just how it is. But one fine day our designer was researching ideas for a kids play house that a client wanted to have made over. This was it, I knew exactly what she was looking for and came in the next day with my Tau codex. (See painting section)

It didn't take long for them to fall in love with the design and color patterns, so we went to work on it. Selecting a color pallet and letting our lead designer lay out the shapes by hand right on the walls and celling using my codex as a reference.

Then we taped it all off and got to painting. It only took one day from start to finish and resulted in a awesome spot for the kids to enjoy.

They call it "Ice Cammo" and every time I hear about someone new seeing it they are always happily surprised.

So while it can be, awkward, to let real life and your fantasy life collide sometimes the two can find a way to go hand in hand.

So have you ever found a way to merge the two?
I know it doesn't happen often but its always interesting when it does.

- Swags

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  1. I once left an unpainted rhino on top of my wife's antique secretary as a joke. I believe it took her 5 minutes to spot it and inform me that if I did it again she would throw it away.