Tuesday, November 15

Army list of the week 11-15: Blood Angels 2000 pts

Well, I had to take a week off after Feast of Blades, but now we are back on to our regularly scheduled (horrible) programming!

We are starting a new thing, once each week we will be providing a single army list for your viewing pleasure.  We might get these lists from opponents or people we meet at tournaments, lists we bring to tournaments, or even from the dark abyss that is our brains, but no matter what, most of these will be tournament level lists (Just how good is up to you.) To protect the innocent we aren't going to say who's list this is or how well it did in the events we found it at (if it came from an event at all.)

Here is what I would like to see:

- Discuss: Strengths of this list.  I.e. if you were playing it what things do you think are your keystones?
- Discuss: Weaknesses of this list. I.e. If you were the opponent what is the weak link you could push... - What armies would present a bad matchup?
- Discuss: Improvements/ changes.

With that, here is the first list:

Blood Angels: 2000 points.

- Mehpiston

- Librarian: Inf. pistol, jump pack, fear of the darkness, might of heroes

- Chaplain

- Tactical Squad (10): Power fist, Rhino w/ dozer blade, searchlight

- Death Company (9): 2 power fists, Rhino w/ dozer blade, searchlight

- Assault squad (5): Meltagun

- Assault Squad (10): Power fist, 2 meltagun, Rhino w/ dozer blades, searchlight

- Vanguard Veteran (7): J. packs, T hammer

- Baal Predator: Heavy Bolter Sponsons, TL Assault Cannon, searchlight

- Attack bike squadron (2)

- Dreadnaught: Missile Launcher, TL Autocannon, searchlight

Have at it folks, what are your thoughts on the list?


  1. Strengths: Has 3 characters including one named. You have a variety of approach paths (mixed mech/bike with some jump options). The army has fair amount of armor with a good amount of troops to contend with. Keystone wise I would try to disable the armor and quickly and limit their ranged ability with the Dreadnought and Baal Predator. Then deal with units in your face such as the Vanguard and Assault Troops with jump packs.
    Weaknesses: Can only handle light armor, mid to heavy armor mech armies would be a tough fight for them such as IG or a heavy vehicle Necron Force with AV 13 spam. The remaining melta guns (limited in #) are short ranged and if the transport is lost they could have a tough fight. The standard Space Wolf list with 15 missiles with 2 Rune Priests with living lighting could throw a wrench in this army quickly as well. The army also lacks any Sanguinary Priests to give FNP which is a huge cornerstone for any Blood Angel army and a trademark to most competitive lists.

    Changes: The Tactical squad could use a melta gun and should take their free assault/heavy weapon upgrade at least. Drop one or both bikes and remove non-critical Dozer Blades to free up some points for some Sanguinary Priests, add one or two power weapons to the Death Company (perhaps drop a fist) to take advantage of the Furious charge STR/INT 5. Give the Infernus pistol a Sarge instead of the Libby; he already has powers to use instead of shooting. Include a few power weapons for the Sanguinary Priests.

  2. The assault squad of 5 (presumable without jumpacks) with meltagun seems like a complete waste... otherwise decent except the attack bikes wont be doing much either considering their default armament are heavy bolters... and the vanguard arent kitted out how I would do it but then I dont know how you're going to use them so they may be great

    I like the mix of quick moving and meched up components - can work really well when using vehicles to shield jump packed troops and vice versa. The only thing lacking is long range anti-tank but since this army seems to be all about getting close that should not be a problem

  3. I agree that the 5 man Squad is a little out of place. Even if you want an "objective sitter," a TAC squad is better at that.

  4. Strengths:
    1. Mephiston - he is always going to be a challenge to anyone in close quarters.
    2. Mobility - Capable of seizing objectives and holding them with the Baal predator.

    1. Synergy - total lack of Blood Angel synergy between heroes' and BA's special rules and units. There is literally no point in taking a tactical squad, Assault troops are Troop choices. Again, what is the point in attack bike squadron? Waste of a fast attack slot. Some people will argue against this but consider this, if you are going for a CC army then you don't have any troops that are really killer CC specialists. Its all well and good fielding Assault squads but if their best weapon is a bolt pistol and chainsword then plenty of CC specialists will take your armour save away quicker than you can say 'power weapon'. Dante, Astraroth and sanguinary priests all have CC special rules that could particularly benefit a BA player.

    2. Heavy fire power - good use of melta weaponry but nothing is shouting anti-tank from distance, assault cannons rending special rule is a low probability attempt. An army rocks up with two landraiders and they will kill you at distance all day. And why shouldn't they its achievable in 2k pts.

    What armies would present a bad matchup?
    1. A close combat army such as a better set up BA army such as the one below.
    2. Tyranids (Monstrous creatures particularly)
    3. Imperial Guard
    4. GK (as always...bloody force halberds)
    5. Necrons (recently bought their codex... can buy a lot of +3 invulnerables!)

    I would prefer to see a BA list like this (not because its good but because I rarely see anyone talk about it online):

    Dante + honour guard
    3 x Sanguinary Guard
    2 x Jump Pack Sanguinary Priest
    2 x Stern guard (4 Multi Meltas)
    2 x Baal Class Predator

    Make it more synergistic with special abilities unique to the BA