Monday, November 21

Interview with the Feast of Blades Champion: Nick Rose

So, now that you are the new Feast of Blades Champion I wanted to do an interview with you... Simple Q and A

To see Nicks games at the top table visit our Ustream link: LINK

1. What was your army and list? 

Black Templar 
Terminator Armor
Chain Fist
Storm Shield
Crusader Seals
Adamantine Mantle

Emperor's Champion
Accept Any Challenge

Sword Brethern Terminator Squad x5
Cyclone Missile Launcher x 2
Tank Hunter 
Crusader Squad x5

Crusader Squad x5
Crusader Squad x6
Bolt pistols and close combat weapons
Power Weapon x 1  

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Typhoon x2
Heavy Bolter

Land Speeder Typhoon x2
Heavy Bolter


Land Raider Crusader
Dozer Blade
Blessed Hull
Extra Armor 

Land Raider
Extra Armor
Dozer Blade

Sword Brethern Terminator Assault Squad x7
Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield x7
Tank Hunter

2. Why did you decide that list? 

Because Black Templar is an old book and I have always loved them. Plus if I did good it would confuse the hell out of everyone. People are focused on Grey Knights, IG, Space Wolves and everything else to go for the pure competitive edge when in reality they are focused too much on list building and not playing the game.

3. What are the bad pairings for you and your list?

Honestly, I think Tau with a lot of rail guns can be bad and IG can be rough depending on the build. It all comes down to Dice if someone goes first and gets a little luck it can be a rough game from the start.

4. As the person who stamped "Leafblower," and is now winning with Black Templar, do you think the list or the player is more important? 

Well I didn't really stamp the name LeafBlower. When I won Ard Boyz it was from a Eldar player who played next to me almost every game. He described my army as that and it just stuck. I always assumed the list as just Guard and I was going to punch you in the face with it.  Now between the player or the list ... Hands down it's the player.You have a certain amount of tools and you need to use them correctly. Putting yourself in the best position to win. All list have weakness and for the people who want to math hammer out the crap of a list and go down one avenue only hurts them even further. They built a inherent weakness in there list that they don't see.  Good players can adapt and overcome with any list.

5. What was your overall feelings on Feast of Blades? 

It was a good event and I am sure it will get bigger. This will be one of the go to events of the year. With Adepticon, Wargames Con, Nova , Da Boyz GT and now Feast I think we have out Independent Circuit. 

6. The Meta-philes on the internet say that Daemons and Black Templar shouldn't be on top tables.  What are your thoughts on this? 

They need to learn how to play the game straight up. 99% of the time the Internet is wrong and they talk a big game. A majority of the time when I see someone speak or people say those type of comments they truly don't understand the game mechanics, how they work or at least basic game theory. 

7.  How dead sexy is the TO for Feast of Blades.

Uh... no comment I think Phil and Chris can comment on that one with their Tunneling phrase

8. Seriously, how sexy?! 

Honey Badger? 

9. With the new Necron codex out how will you change your list/ tactics?

I am not worried about the Necron codex one bit. I actually feel bad for the Necron players. They have waited so long for a book and this is what they get?  I don't think it will be very strong.

10. Anything else?

I am glad I played against a lot of good players at the Feast and hope to be there next year. Also, at the end I got to duke it out with Kenny who is a stand up guy, you should check out his painting service Next level painting LINK. He does some amazing work and is a top notch player. 

Thank you to Nick, here are some picks of his dead sexy army (Painted by Bushido Red Panda from BoLS)


  1. You're totally right about the internet and it's huffing and puffing. I'm new to the game, but I've always been pretty good at strategy games. I have been reading the internet articles for months now, and I thought I had a nasty list by those standards. I played one of my first games with it against a guy who isn't part of the net craze and I got torn down.

  2. Nice Pics... :D

  3. @MBG: holy crap! We took the same exact pictures... What are the chances? ;) lol

    @reid: nick is a perfect example that with a list you understand you can come out on top. The Internet isn't all knowing (but my blog comes close, lol)


  4. You should see the guy who painted it, lmao! So kidding!

    Seriously, i think you know that feast staff loves your painting.


  5. You never did an interview of *me* :-p

  6. @Xaereth: Well that is for 2 reasons.

    1. I completely forgot in the planning of the "first big year,"
    2. I wanted to keep you all to myself

    Though if Im being honest it was about 99% the second reason ;)

  7. I slept on his couch once. True story.

  8. Looks like it was an awesome time !!


  9. All said and done it was an awesome time... Next year: BBF makes an apperance?!

    @Relasine: Lets not be kidding anyone here, there was no sleeping that night. ;)