Thursday, November 17

Forge World Chaos Spawn

When I first started painting and playing Warhammer I never thought I would even get the chance to work on things like Forge World models. But like anything the longer you do something the more chances you have to find your way into the remote areas of said thing your doing.

As such I recently got the opportunity to paint up a few of the Forge World Daemons, so I thought why not grab the camera and follow these guys through the warp.

Like the majority of models I work on, I started with the ever trusty Dupli-Color automotive primer.

I quit using any and all primers after I found this product. It has never failed me due to humidity, or rough coating, or anything of the like. I always take my time and do several light coats to build up the surface and reach into the recesses.

When its good and dry I grab the airbrush and do a base coat of Createx red.

Then a low light of transparent orange and high light of opaque yellow.

Bellow you can see some side by side pics with and without the flash.

Once that is done its inside to the regular brushes for a combo of dry brushing (Foundation Tausept Ochre), and a 50/50 mix of chestnut ink and water.

I like using black ink to fill the recesses and "spots" all over this guy.

After the ink the various high and low lights from the airbrush blend to perfection, at least as far as what I wanted.

The tongue and veins were mixes of white/purple/white/purple ink/white&purple...

I think he turned out just about as good as I could have planned for the time I spent working on him.

Thanks for looking, hope you never get jumped by this guy on the field of battle...Or do I?



  1. very nice... i think a bit of ooze would really look nice on that model.

  2. Thats a good point, it would. I have yet to ship him out and I think I might make that change.

  3. You need to bring that thing up here so I can send it screaming back to the warp!


  4. Looks amazing would look good as a spawned greater demon for my black legion