Friday, November 18

Beaky Con Review Part 1

Beaky Con kicks off with a great start!!!

If you were in Florida and looking for more than a one day, end of the month tourney you were probably at Beaky Con. I was, and it was a great time.

Sorry this is a little late, but here it is.

Our host and lead man was the "Black Blow Fly" also known as Steve turner and his right hand man and head judge Mr. Matt

Here they are hard at work crunching the numbers...or looking at Internet porn, not sure.

Everyone who came was treated with some objectives (3) and killer Beaky head dice, along with a set of templates and a fat sack of bits from 40k's original nice guy, Rob Baer of Spiky Bits.

A look at the tables on Friday night.

So I know you are all on the edge of your seat wondering what I played...right?

Well after doing my recent multi part post on the Tau I figured it was time to break out of my GK habit and take a ride on the Devilfish of Doom.

And so the Tau "Denial Force" was borne.

I will get to my full list and how it did soon, but for now I want to give a look at some of the different forces that made the trip.

My friend Mason took the only Eldar army and boy do they look sweet.

Some heavy hitting Guard, no event would be complete with out these guns!

All the usual suspects were in high numbers.

These yellow and pink GK's, played by Brian Pool, were on a serious roll from the second the first dice hit the table.

ORKS!!! Yes, there were Orks!

Great looking Salamanders army with interesting free hand work.

Look out! Even one brave soul busted out the Daemons, this army by Shawn P. was full to the teeth with old school figs.

All in all I had a blast playing 7 games, 1 for fun and 6 in the event, the Marriott was far superior to most places I have stayed at for something like this. Our host even got an open coffee bar for the morning each day.

I don't think I can go back and say that I have had 6 games in a row that were all fun win or lose! All my opponents were great sports and just fun to play.

All my battle reports, lists, pics and results will have to wait for part 2, for now I just want to say thanks to everyone involved in Beaky Con and a big thanks to the Blow Fly for doing a great job.

If it were not for him there wouldn't be one 2 day event I could get to this year.

Good job guys!

Now to get to the next post...

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