Wednesday, November 30

Whats this with scarabs?

Recently the internets have been set ablaze with discussions on the Necrons  Evidence.  Well, today I wanted to talk about Scarabs and how they aren't everything.

Point 1: Scarabs can spawn units across the board-

  While I agree that this is in fact the case, simply because the rules aren't clear enough, you would have to be an absolute douche to try and pull this sort of shenanigans.  If you pull this don't be surprised if your opponent kicks you in the shins under the table.  Also, it isn't as powerful as people are thinking.  Sure you go through all of this and then comes the assault phase.  As the image on the previously referenced link shows, at most you might be getting 5-6 bases in combat.  Most likely you will multi charge and now that means you're now only getting 2-3 per tank.  So, if you get 3 bases you have 9 attacks with auto hit (enemy hasn't had a turn yet) then half (4.5) reduce armor.  Then it is your opponents turn because your assaults just ended.  There is one important thing to realize as well, you didn't shoot the tanks you were charging. Why? Because any competent player doesn't want to destroy the tank they are about to charge.  So, your shooting went to 'less valuable targets,' if you could even see through the night fight anyhow.  Long story short, it is a gimmick and it isn't that good.  Not to mention it will be FAQ'd. Not to mention, that if you set up to do this little trick ill likely deny flank or reserve the juicy targets.  This move is like a queens gambit in Chess.

Point 2: Entropic strike ruins guard/ mech -

   This is one of the two things that scarab swarms were meant to deal with.  Send a few squads of swarms into your opponents ranks and have a good time!  While you swarms won't be the end of the tanks by themselves, they will open windows later in the game.  However, remember that they armies you want to use these units against have plenty of S6+ (Blood angels, Space wolves razorspam, GK, IG) So, don't think that you're 3 10 scarab swarms are going to be anywhere near full strength when they arrive, not to mention that a smart opponent will move >6" before you assault.  Really the only place that entropic strike will truly hit home is Landraiders.  Throw 10 of these guys at a LR and watch it go away.  This is why I am considering dropping my GK Landraider.

Point 3 Scarabs are a combat unit -

   Yes, It may seem like Im joking on this one, but Im not.  People have been out there saying that Scarabs are their combat unit and that they are going to throw a 30 strong unit at "anything in the game," First off this is ridiculous, scarabs are WS 2 and have the strength of a hampster.  If you throw these guys into combat it is as a speedbump unit or possibly a tarpit unit, not a dedicated combat monster.  Any dedicated combat machine will eat this squad without thinking about it. Not to mention you will lose combat and take additional Fearless saves.


Scarabs are very good at what they are designed for: Killing single tanks.  Yes, you can multi-charge, but your risking more than you may be getting with that tactic.  They are a decent speed-bump unit that can tarpit with the best of them if you're doing it right (Spiders). They are not the be all of the Necron codex, sure some people will try 3 squads of 10 with 9 spiders but it is a very uni-dimensional list that will work when you know you will be playing your buddy from the local store, but the second you run into a list you aren't expecting its going to be hurt-ville.

That is all for now, what do you all think of Scarab-bombs?



  1. "So, if you get 3 bases you have 9 attacks with auto hit (enemy hasn't had a turn yet) then half (4.5) reduce armor. Then it is your opponents turn because your assaults just ended. "

    Not quite, they are 4 attacks base, so you actually have 15 auto-hit attacks. So that's going to mean 7 points of reduced armor. Not to mention once the armor is reduced, you still have 15 auto-hitting strength three attacks, most of which will penetrate.

  2. I suppose they all will penetrate against armor 3 :)

  3. Thank you Panda. Somebody had to say it.

  4. Blah, blah, blah look at me I can add (Just kidding buddy)

    Yea, you're right they do have 4 on the charge, my bad... Which would be -7 to armor the st 3 thing is still being debated, but I think they get the S3 attacks. Needless to say, between the 9 spiders and the original 150 point unit even killing 2 tanks isn't that amazing, good but not amazing.

  5. Yeah, I think the whole spiders adding bases thing is kinda over-rated. I do however thing Scarabs themselves are extremely potent against armor in general. People are going to have to be bubble-wrapping if they want to protect their armor.

    I just have 3 squads of them running around being a general pain in the tail. :)

  6. I am just looking at my Hellhounds and heavy flamers with a smile. No worries.

    Personally, there is some FAQ stuff that needs to make things clear to avoid some shenanigans but that is all. Like many other books people fear the boogeyman until they find out, oh they are not so tough anymore.

  7. Oh yeah, Hellhounds, Redeemer Flamers, and heavy incinerators will just evaporate them. None of which we seem much of now.

    Personally, I'm hoping they don't change much about them (except for clearing up the spider interaction). I'm hoping that they will be just what the meta needs.

  8. Ya, flamers will clear scarabs up quick. However, every flamer in your list is one less Meltagun blasting my Monoliths/Stalkers/Scythes/Barges, or one less plasmagun vaporising Robot Zombies. I'm okay with that.

  9. one thing i forgot about S6+ flamer/blast templates is that they cause instant death AND double wounds, so you only need to cause 5 wounds to a squad of 10 scarabs to wipe the little sods out.

  10. I agree with Bushido, I want Scarabs to be good against parking lots. I want the meta to change up a little bit and I think scarabs will do that to some extent... But they aren't this boogey man that people think they are (is all I am saying).

    I have a feeling people will use more flamer vets in chimeras/ Redemmers/ Baal predators, and Hellhounds, but oddly Scarabs are the perfect counter to those units as well. It will essentially be a story of who gets the jump on the other guy?

  11. I'm sorry, but how is this like a Queen's gambit in chess?
    The Queen's gambit in chess is a very powerful opening that allows a lot of pieces to work in unison to create a board that is strongly in your favour (not to mention the material gained). While I agree with a lot of other points you make, this I must disagree with.

  12. This is what I meant by it: In Chess the Queens gambit is a tactic that is learned early in a Chess career. Most good chess players will see the telegraphing move of the Queens pawn and move accordingly to counter. (not to go too in deep to chess tactics)

    This scarab move is similar to this in that a good player will see what you are doing and will counter. Other than that you are right the similarities in the moves aren't 100% and I perhaps should have been more clear, but I hope I explained what I meant now.

  13. Scarabs are broken and make the game too challenging to be fun so I'm ragequitting the hobby entirely solely because of scarabs.

    Because I enjoy a good ragequit every once in a while :)

  14. yes, you have a point Xaereth... I shall now proceed to ragequit also because you ragequit. I mean what use is a good RQ if you cant bring others with you. lol


  15. I am rage starting! To play with Scarabs that it.

    Im starting by building a Spyder Titan that poops out Spyders that poop out Scarabs that poop out baby Scarabs.

    When I do this I can claim a pregame charge that can hit units even if they are in reserve.


  16. Serious now! I do like the Scarabs, and I have my own way of making them that wont cause my opponets to rage.

    As far as the first turn charge goes, its only a matter of time before people dont even try it due to the fact that its way better to farm for a round or 2 then send them out.

    Using night and cover to protect them.

    The other thing they are great for is wraping to protect against outflankers and orks and wolf souts that come in on your board edge.

  17. The so called "all-mighty" scarab unit with 9 spiders list is just a bunch of overblown hype.

    By taking 9 spiders, you give up taking any other heavy support.

    No monolith. No annihilation barge. No doomsday ark.

    Any decent CC unit will tear through the scarabs. Win combat and force a bunch of fearless armor rolls each turn until the unit is dead.

    Who cares if you spawn more scarabs then? That unit of scarabs is locked in a combat they're destined to lose.

    While at the same time, your opponent's army is going to steamroll over everything else in your army.

    The idea of this list is cool, but the execution and actual use on the table is extremely situational and I highly doubt nearly as awesome and uber powered as many on the internet would love to have us believe.

    I remain highly skeptical of this list.

  18. Yes, underestimate your enemy. Its the fastest path to defeat.

  19. I prefer to make my opponent think that I have underestimated them then when they get comfortable and start underestimating me
    I stop pretending to underestimate and instead estimate properly so that they are now the ones underestimating alone and I can win!