Saturday, January 1

40k New Years resolution(s)

As the Irish say "In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want."... Ahhhh, forget it!  Here is a list of gaming things that I am putting my right hand out in want for in 2011.

Things I want to do in relation to gaming in 2011

1. Build an epic-ly awesome Custodes army and bring it to a major con.
   -The Custodes army is something I have always wanted to do since I knew they existed.  To me it doesn't get more roman elite infantry than them (Don't even mention Ultrasmurfs!!)

2. Go to BoLScon with my homies/bros/buddies, etc...
  - no 24 hr one way road trips.  Last time we went on some back door highway and it took us 24 hrs to drive from Denver to Austin, no rinse and repeat there! I want to go, but lets go the fast way this time... The 16 hours it took to get back home wasn't actually that bad compared to the drive down. Nonetheless Im looking forward to it!

3. Organize the Feast of Blades and have it be awesome. (more on this in a future post)
  - I have wanted to do a major con/ tournament for a whlie, though this is more on the state-wide level I am hoping for an overall attendance of about 120-180 which would be great! Also, I want to build some more tables of terrain for the event so that the terrain is something people go home happy with (good bye 4th ed terrain!)

4. Get the Phantom titan for my Eldar
  - Currently I have about 20k-25k worth of Eldar. I already have a Revenant and a Scorpion, the only stink of getting another titan is that nobody will let me use the one I have because all the guys here are more tournament players and don't have any super heavies that can handle my titan and Scorpion.  Well, if I have a Phantom, Revenant and a Scorpion I could give the Rev and Scorpion to my opponent and that would even out fairly well I think.

5.  Play more 40k
  - The last quarter of the year all my gaming time has been taken up by Deathwatch, which is a cool game... But Id like to play some more 40k without dropping Deathwatch completely.

6. Get all the stuff done on my regular New Years Resolution list.

I hope all of you have a great New Year (Probably all still spinning from the drinking last night).  Remember according to some people we only have 2 more years left till the end of the world (Dec 2012) so use the time wisely!


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