Sunday, January 30

Custodes Update!

Gold done:
Here is a picture or two to get your palette wet.  My Custodes army is going slowly, but I want to to go like that. I want to take my time and paint each guy as I would a single character model... Plus I only have four models at the moment, so if I paint fast not only will they look bad, but I will run out of models to paint quickly because ordering new ones means getting shipping from Poland. Anyhow, open the rest to see.

The Halberd was made from a Techmarine weapon and a
Phoenix guard halberd with a bolt pistol to finish it.
I also thought it would be good to post up my gold recipe.

1. Spray whole model black (undercoat)
2. 1:1 mix Gold and Scorched Brown over all areas that will eventually be gold
3. Put on several thin (watered down slightly) layers of Shinning gold. I didn't put this in the "recessed areas" of the model, but other than that was pretty liberal where I put it.
4. A few thin layers of burnished gold.  I left some "shinning gold,"  in between the recessed areas and the Burnished gold areas, essentially layering with the metallics and focusing the burnished gold on the raised areas.
5. Washes- These only went into the recesses, not onto the built up gold
  wash 1: Baal red into the deepest recesses

  wash 2: Devlan mud on top of the areas that were previously washed baal red
  wash 3: Badab black into the same areas.
6. clean up. After the washes have dried completely go in and retouch the gold in the areas the washes "bled into,"
7. 2:1 mix of Burnished gold and Mithril silver.  Be careful on this because the Mithril silver can dominate the mixture... This went on the highlighted edges and areas of greatest reflection "Curve of the shoulder pads.
8. Pure mithril silver on a few of the extreme reflection points... don't go overboard on this!
9, clean up miscellaneos pieces of gold and it should be looking great!

Next time ill do some stuff on the reds and gems.  Till then enjoy a few more pictures.



  1. Very well done! Great job. I love the gold.

  2. For some reason though I always have that feeling that gold looks better in real life than it does in photos... Prehaps I should build a proper photos studio.


  3. I think this is true for all metallics. Even in these pictures, though, the gold looks spectacular. I truly believe so.

    I've thought about trying to build a makeshift one, but I always have plenty of ideas I never follow up with, hah. I have a ton of bookmarked pages on how to make one for cheap that I enjoyed if you are having trouble finding some. I could send them to you in an email if you want. Just let me know.

  4. I got some of these models from Scibors as well, and have just finished the first one!

    Your mettalics are nice and clean, a route i nearly went down as well. I decided to opt for the NMM. Its a bit time consuming but well worth it in the end!

  5. I would love to see them. Shoot me an email at Dukesinferno at