Tuesday, January 4

Feast of Blades announced!

I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about my recent project: The Feast of Blades.  A few months ago I was working with some friends on a 40k tournament project that had the floor fall through the bottom of it after thinking about it for a little while I still felt like I wanted to organize something to help bring my community of 40k players together. 

 I live in Colorado and there are actually a lot of really good 40k players along the front range.  I noticed this when I would go to events like Wargames con (BoLScon) and noticed about a dozen or more people from Colorado were playing at the event.  The sad thing is that though a few individuals knew each other, there was absolutely no sense of community as a group.  This only made me want to do an event even more.

what is the event?

Essentially it is an invitational to a tournament of champions and this is how it works.

Currently I have 12 stores participating who will have around 10-15 people attending at each location.  On the 5th of march they will all host a 2000 pt tournament at their store.  The top players will then advance onto the final round which will be held at a central location two weeks later.  The winner of this second tournament will be crowned Champion of the Feast of Blades.

There will be prize support at both levels and if everything goes as planned everyone will get something for just coming to the finals.  In addition to all the prizes Jawaballs is making a full size hand painted banner for the overall winner to take back to his store.  His name will then be embroidered onto the banner. (pretty awesome if you ask me.)

I will provide every qualifier store with the missions to be used and the grading rubric for painting. This helps make sure that everyone who qualifies will be qualifying on the same criteria.  

All in all I am very excited about this and can't wait for march to come along.  I know there will be some speed bumps along the way, but if you knew me personally you would know that I prepare way ahead of time to help mitigate those things.

If you have any ideas or tips please throw them my way.  I didn't go into great detail simply because I didn't want to bore everyone.  

Perhaps if this year goes well I will talk about expanding.  I would love to see feast of blades qualifiers all over the country with regional semi-finals and then a finals in Denver.  Now that would be a hard core competitive/awesome  tournament.



  1. Sounds like fun... too bad it's so far away.

    By the way, is it a "Feat" or a "Feast?" You seem to have used both during this post...

  2. Yea, I only wish I could compete in my own event, lol. It is in fact, "Feast," I was going for the "nobody reads this so nobody will notice my typo." Perhaps I should pay more attention now, lol.

    Like I said though, I would love to eventually expand the reach of the event but I feel the best way is to let things like that grow or die naturally.


  3. PS; I added your blog to my list.