Thursday, January 6

Bat rep BA vs Eldar

Once again, I bring to you a Video Battle report.  This one is between my Blood Angels at 2000 points and  a well built Eldar army at 2000 also.   I made a few dumb mistakes, which were capitalized on but see how it ends up.

My List:
- 4 Squads in Las/plas Razorbacks.  With Power weapon, Melta
- Sanguinary Guard, Chapter Banner
- Librarian (Wings, Unleash rage)
- Priest w/ jump pack
- Sanuinor
- 2 MM attack bikes
- 2 Baal Predators (A cannon, Hvy Bolters)
- 2 Regular predators

His List
- Seer Council one enhance, one embolden, 3 Destructor, all Singing spears
- Farseer on bike with a bunch of powers
- 2 units of five pathfinders
- 2 Fire prisms
- 3 War walkers all with scatter lasers
- Dire Avengers in wave serpent with Bright lances and exarch w/ 2 s. cats.
- Banshees in wave serpent with Bright lances.
- Eldrad

Duke Turn One:
- Very uneventful, it was dawn of war so I deployed nothing and just rolled on at the beginning of turn one.  I opened my entire army at his pathfinders, but apparently I couldn't see them in the ruins and killed none, I was a little surprised that I didn't kill any. But such is a 2+ cover save.

Eldar Turn One:
- He had two fire prisms come on along with his seer council.  Night fight was in effect but it didn't work for my benefit.  He rolled "12" for range and his fire prism opened up on my razorback, immobilizing it. The snipers tried to shoot at whatever was close to them and did nothing.

Duke Turn Two:
- I moved slowly forward with my units to the center hoping to get clean lines of sight on the council.  I did and killed half the squad and put a wound on the Farseer, luckily all the warlocks I killed were the destructor ones, thank you Baal Predators.  Also, one of my las/Auto Predators opened up on his Fire Prism in the corner and showed it the emperors wrath.  The other fire prism was more lucky and though I penetrated it 3 times all I could do was immobilize it.

Eldar Turn Two:
- Using Eldar Sneeky-ness his outflanking Warwalkers got the side he wanted and came on behind my line of Razorbacks.  He opened up with tons of S6 shots on my rear armor and made short work of one Razorback.  His dire avengers also came on this turn. He then decided, wrongly, to charge Sanguinor with his council.  I would return the favor later by making my own dumb charge... Needless to say Sanguinor made short work of the Space Elves and their silly bikes.

Duke turn Three:
- Here is where I make my mistake.  I begin by moving my Sanguinary guard and Attached Characters (Libby/Priest) up close to the waveserpent with the banshees and Eldrad.  I didn't realize the error of my ways until I after the movement phase started... Even if I got the charge off it was still going to hurt the Sanguinary guard really bad!  Well, too late to pull back now, open that can!  Sadly, I shot everything I had at the stupid Waveserpent and only stunned it a million times... This was going to hurt, not only did I not kill it, but now I was going to get charged!

Eldar turn three:
- His Dire avengers come over to my attack bikes, and unloaded a bunch of ninja stars in their faces... No hope for the bikers there, even with T5 and 4 wounds... pick em up! Also, his snipers opened up on Sanguinor, a good idea... But didn't do anything, the blessing of the emperor was with Sanguinor this day. Then, as expected he unloaded Eldrad and his lady friends. He then Charged, and through smart placement and really good rolling on top of me being doomed (Where is the hood when you NEED it!?) I got wiped out to the man.  Sadly this was the best thing that could have happened because now I could shoot at them with my tanks.

Duke Turn four:
- in movement I move my marines up to get ready to charge him in the ruins next turn.  my tanks pull back a little and completly slaughter the Banshees.  Eldrad gets out unscathed with his fortuned self. I finally finished off the last of the warwalkers who were stunned last turn.  My guys fail the charge in the ruins apparently assaulting shadows.  Sanguinor charges Eldrad and hits a couple times, which Eldrad saves.  He does nothing to Sanguinor...

Eldar Turn four:
- His path finders hide to capture on terrain piece.  His snipers shoot one of my Las/Auto predators and get three rends! one of which was AP1.  He rolled damage and all that happened was stunned and I lost a turret...whew!  HIs other snipers assault my angels who makes short work of the fancy pants. cloak aint doing in good now is it!?  Other than that Eldrad and Sanguinor continue their slap fest, not hurting eachother... He was rolling really well with his saves (Hard not to!)

Duke turn five:
- in shooting I actually killed 3 pathfinders with bullets! yay! most of my men move towards terrain pieces to capture the objectives.  Sanguinor finally wounded Eldrad who got scared and ran away, sanguinor ran him down.

At this point we called the game because all he had left was his Dire avengers in a wave serpent.

Post game:

Duke: It was really dumb to move the guard anywhere near the banshees, I should have moved them away and given myself a few rounds at shooting them and their transport before thinking about charging.  Sanguniary guard hate power weapons! (duh).  Other than that I think I played a decent game.

Eldar: He is a decent player, though he made a few mistakes, It may have been better to play sneeky eldar as opposed to coming into the center where blood angels excel.  he could have done a lot of hit and run tactics with the rest of his army while the banshees and Eldrad scared my sanguinary guard into not being useful.

that is all for now, hopefully I will have another one in a few weeks.... Hope you all liked it, comments?


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