Sunday, January 9

Terrain tutorial: Desert mesa Part 2

This is a continuation  of my previous post a week or so ago on how to build a desert mesa looking table.   Well, I suppose I should say this is how I did it... Not to say that it should be done this way, but I like my style and ignorance is bliss...

Ok, so now you have all the tools and are gearing to go.  But in front of you it just looks like a lot of foam that couldn't be much of anything.  What you want to do is start by breaking off a good sized chunk of the foam.  The sheets themselves are much too large to work with as a whole, so breaking it into something like 2'x2' makes it much more manageable.

Once that is done, take your foam cutter (Make sure your in a well ventilated area, or you'll be feeling it later.) and start cutting away.  It is best to think of what you want prior to cutting (Duh).  For example, is it going to be like an elongated oval? or a bunch of stop sign type things stacked on top of each other, is it something troops can stand on? or is it something that troops can hide behind but can't get up on?

Once you cut out your pieces do a dry fitting and write 1,2,3,4,5,6....etc. for the pieces in the order you want them in. Then get out your wood glue and glue the pieces together in order.

*REMEMBER* - wait until the glue dries before doing the next step!

Here are some pics of what it will look like when your done with this stage:

* Notice the rough edges and all the parts sticking out that "don't belong.  We will get rid of them in the next stage.

Ok, now that you are done with that and the glue has dried you then take the foam cutter and smooth out the edges and give it that natural look.  Using a picture of a real stone helps with getting ideas on how water works on these things over the centuries.

Rinse and repeat a few times and you come up with some cool stuff, Like this:

 * This was only about 25% of my overall stock of foam!  I then went on to make another large hill big enough to block LOS on a Landraider 100%.

* Next week Ill go over painting and putting the finishing touces on your new terrain... See you all then!


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