Wednesday, January 12

Calling all graphic-designer-types

Ok, so this is a short post... But as I mentioned earlier I am running a tournament soon called the Feast of Blades.  Well this thing really needs a cool logo and try as I might I can't seem to create anything with my pathetic graphic design skills.  Its like an Ork trying to write Shakespeare... You think there might be something there, but can't get past how sad it all really is.  I had a friend who said he would design something for me but it has been a month and Im getting impatient.

Anyhow.  If you are a graphic designer who is willing to help me for free or for very little (this is the first year so I have no budget beyond making terrain et al.) please email me at dukesinferno

Im pretty sure what I want the logo to look like,  I really just need someone with skillz.  Thanks everyone.


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