Tuesday, January 11

New Titan: (FW)

This isn't so much NEW news, as it is semi-new news.  But a few weeks ago we saw just how far along the new Phantom Eldar Titan is (in the background of the above picture).  For those of you who haven't ever ordered from Forgeworld before after you make your purchase in the checkout they ask you if you would like to see them make a specific model.  For years, whenever I bought from them I always said this "A PHANTOM!"

I personally love the way the Eldar Titans in particular look.  A few people have been complaining that it just looks like a big revenant. To that I just have to say "Duh," what is it SUPPOSED to look like?  But the only thing holding me back from adding this crown jewel to my already huge Eldar force (20-25k) is that nobody in my group will let me play with the super heavies that I already have.  I mentioned this in an earlier post so I won't go into much detail, but suffice it to say I don't blame them for not wanting to pit non-super-heavies against super-heavies.

here is where I think that the Phantom in all its big-revenent-ness can actually serve to balance the sides.  If I take the Phantom and give my Scorpion and Revenant to my opponent I will have balanced out the sides pretty fairly (I think).  However, Im not sure what I should do with my sunstorm squadron after that though.

A while back BoLS wrote some rules for the Phantom... But got rid of them from what I can tell.  Obviously the big boy will only balance things if the rules are written correctly.  But If we based it on imperial Titans would a warhound and scorpion equivalent Baneblade be able to handle a reaver? Maybe not.  If that is the case then maybe I would need to pick up  a cobra... That would really balance things in favor of the smaller super-heavies.  Or my buddies could just not pay their rent/mortgage and buy a revenant of their own! lol.

What are your thoughts? Should  I pick up the beast when it eventually comes out or should I just look on in awe st something Ill never have the chance to play?  How do you balance mismatched sides with superheavies?


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