Monday, May 23

Cons, Why do you go?

Just a short post today.

I have been thinking a lot about Cons/GTs lately and talking to a lot of my buddies about them as well.  While I have been doing this many people have said a few things about cons and their reasons for going.

As some of you know I organize a GT called "Feast of Blades,"  As such it is very important for me to know what people look for when going to a GT/Con.  here are some of the top answers I received when talking to people I know.

Please reply with which camp you are in and why... Or simply add another option.

1. WINNING!  (I go purely for the competition and don't care about anything else.)

2. Its time to get away with the buddies... Sure competition is great, but Im all about staying up till 2 playing pickup games and stuff.

3. To go to the seminars.  Slayer Sword winner doing a painting class, I'm in!

4.  Nothing better to do that weekend. OR I just go to everything.

5. I just love the hobby and enjoy whole weekends packed full of hobby related stuff, including the tournament. I would go even if my friends didn't

Thanks for the input.



  1. . Its time to get away with the buddies... Sure competition is great, but Im all about staying up till 2 playing pickup games and stuff.

    I actually quite like the seminars as well, but I usually find I have to choose to play in the tournament or attend a seminar.

    I'm also competitive, but I've only ever one Grand Tournaments (but countless Rogue Traders), and I've been attending them for years. Competition is nice, but at some point you realize that winning a tournament has to do with being (1) a great players (2) match ups and (3) luck. I can only control one of those.

  2. Im in with 1,2,3 and 5.

    My favorite thing is to meet people that I talk to online for the first time. You never realy know what your going to get in person.


  3. Hm, I guess I just like cons. Meeting new people, hanging out with friends I know from other tournaments, getting some overpriced beer from where ever is holding the con, and of course, the competition. 5-7 game tournaments are in my opinion WAAAAAAY better (and more indicative of the 'best' player) than simple 3 game RTTs.

    It all combines into an excellent experience. This summer should be interesting, since I'll be going to the Nova, but nobody that I know is actually going. Should be fun, it'll for sure be a new experience!

  4. #2,#3. In that order.

    Of course, that's not the entirety and ordering for all my #2s, if you take my meaning.

  5. Well, sometimes my #2 is all out if order...

    It sounds like most people go for the sense of community, not the competition. Well, except for Xareth... He's just hardcore ;)

    I used to go to GTs for the competition but after winning a few I pulled back a lot and now go for a fun weekend with the guys, expensive brews and what not I suppose.