Wednesday, May 18

List: 2,000 pt GK for WargamesCon...Decisions, decisions.

Hola Internets!  As most of you know I have been diligently working on my new Grey Knights army (2000pts) for WargamesCon.  However, after having more quality time with the book I think that I have found a new army list that I like more than my current one.  Help me decide which army to take!

I am a little over half way done painting the current list to a high standard. which normally wouldn't present any problem when having to change the list, but...WargamesCon was moved up almost a full month this year to July 7-10.  As such I only have about a month and a half to finish my army.  This is where you come in.  Im going to post up both lists, and what I have to do to get them both ready for the Con.  Then you comment and tell me which list you like better and if I should begin painting a new army.

Things to consider:
- Though I do paint relativly quickly, I do have a life and there can be several days where I don't see a brush.
- I do like to compete for "best appearance," which mean a lot of freehand and weathering... If I paint any Razrobacks I can't do any freehand until I decide what army to go with.

One Squad of my current army.

The Lists:
- Current List:
 - Grandmaster: Halberd, Rad, blind and Psycho grenades. 3 skulls.
 - Librarian: Warding stave, Shrouding, Sanctuary, quicksilver, Might of Titan, Warp Rift, Vortex
 - 4 Paladins: 1- MC sword,S.B.  2- sword,S.B.  3-Banner, S.B.   4. Hammer, S.B.
 - Land Raider Redemmer w/ Psybolt Ammo
 - Strike Squad: 10 men, 2 psycannon, 1 halberd, 1 Hammer, Razorback w/ hvy Bolter & psybolt ammo
 - Strike Squad: SAME
 - Strike Squad: 5 men, 1 psycannon, 1 halberd, 1 hammer, razorback w/ psybolt hvy bolter
 - Psiflemen dread.
 - Psiflemen dread.

- New list:
 - Crowe
 - Librarian: Shrouding, Sanctuary, Quicksilver, Might of titan, warp rift, vortex, summoning
 - 7 man purifier squad: 2 psycannons, 4 halberds, 1 hammer, Rhino, Warp stablization, Dozer blades
 - 7 man purifier squad: Same
 - 7 man Purifier squad: Same
 - Psiflemen dread.
 - Psiflemen dread.
 - Vindicare Assassain
 - 10 Grey Knight Terminators: 2 psycannons, Brotherhood banner. psybolt ammo

What I have to paint to get them ready:
Current List:
Paint: 3 razorbacks, Land Raider and Dreads

New List (To change current list to new list) :
+3 new Purifier models, one of which has to be a psycannon.
Change over 9 swords to halberds
+ 4 GKT models
+ 1 Vindicare model
Change Razorbacks to Rhinos (easy enough)
Paint Rhinos, Dreads and new purifiers
Paint helmets and shoulder pads on all purifiers.

Custodes test model
The main question is: Should I change my current list for the new list? One thing about not changing is that I have gotten to know the current list kinda well and would have to start play-testing the new list from the beginning...

Part of me wants to do the following:  Finish the current list as is and take it to WargamesCon.  Then when I come back begin converting/ kitbashing my Custodes army using the new list and have the Custodes "counts as Purifiers."  I think purifiers could be good stand-ins for Custodes and it would also give me time to do cool poses/ conversions like preheresy-grav-rhinos.

What do you think? I would really like to know!



  1. you know as much as you seem to not like the land raider, it seems like you have almost the same shooting power as the second list, as well as a big honking tank. A big tank that is also a big target.

  2. As a note, not sure I like the halberds in the Strike Squads, they're kind of expensive and two I6 attacks don't seem like they'd contribute much. I honestly think the first list will probably do a bit better myself. I like SS-based lists more than Purifier-based ones.

  3. That second list is almost identical to what Goatboy won the Alamo with this past weekend. The only difference is he takes a third psyfleman instead of the Vindicare...

  4. I like how your Custodes turned out. I'm going with the Scibor miniatures as well and it's nice to see yours painted up.

    If you do bring your Custodes, I'll keep an eye out for them. I however, will be playing Elysians in one of the narrative tracks.

  5. @Anon: Yea, After playing tonight I think that i like that Raider... Especially with smoke and shrouding... Good point

    @ Tz: Though I can see your point, the Halberds have saved my ass a few times... Today, for example, they wiped out a BA priest at I6 and therefore took out the furious charge/FNP bubble for the BA opponent, it was great!

    @ Aventine: Yea, I can't believe he copied me!!! ;) I've talked to him about that list a few times and I personally like the vindicare, he eats Land Raiders like crazy.

    @A: I won't be running my Custodes at WargamesCon, I will have my GK, it just depends on which list... My Custodes will make an appearance next year, and for sure will be on display during Feast of Blades Con... You should come to that (everyone should!)


  6. Yeah, think I prefer the 2nd list overall. Termies + Landraider can work in smaller competitive settings, but if you're playing a good player, you know he has lots of ways to take out a single Raider.

    So, that's my vote :-p

  7. I love my Vendi, yet in his first tourny last weekend he was fail, fail and fail.

    The problem lies in the 1 roll on the chart. If your opponet has any cover or you only shoot off a gun or get a stunned that is ignored it hurts.

    That and he failed almost every save he took right from the start some how.

    The dreads have a chance to roll up to 4 dice on the chart. something to think about.

    I also had great luck with Purifiers outflanking due to Grand Strat and pushing units to the middle of the board and into my kill zone.

    You got to take Crow and a GM to make it worth wile to do tho.