Wednesday, May 4

New Author: Immortal

Hello avid readers and denizens of the internets... Duke here to introduce a new writer for Dukes Inferno: IMMORTAL.

Immortal is a good friend of mine who will be contributing articles here on a (hopefully) regular basis.  I won't go into the bribes, threats and general nastiness I had to go to so that he would write here... Lets just say it wasn't pretty.

Immortal is, like myself, a Military Veteran, and officer. He is currently a Lt. In the US Army and just returned from one of his many tours in Iraq. (Ill forgive him for not going Air Force).  As such his tactics and approach to 40k are very unique and if anything, good conversation starters.

He has been playing 40k since 3rd ed (IIRC) and has played Various armies, but mostly has settled into Blood Angels and Eldar, both of which he has wielded with deadly force.

Give him a nice internet welcome, which means only insult half the stuff he posts.  I look forward to having him post some good tactics articles and what not.

If you are a glutton for punishment and think you would like to write for the Inferno shoot me an email.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the shout out Duke! I look forward to posting my incoherent ramblings, general nonsense and the occasional cogent statement.
    In addition to my Angels and Ulthwe’ Eldar, I also have a massive purple horde of marines from a chapter of my creation, the “Immortals.” (go figure, right?). I have also played Tau and dabbled in ‘Nids. I started playing WFB when I was 14 or 15 and got a job at a hobby store the day I turned 16, and converted to 40K shortly thereafter (right at the release of 3rd ed.) That was half a lifetime ago!
    Remember the plan!
    (uh... but whats the plan?)
    To WIN!

    Immortal Out.