Thursday, May 26

Bat Rep: GK vs BA 2000pts.

Hey everyone!  Time for some battle report action.  This time we have some 2000 point Blood Angels vs my 2000 point Grey Knight Wargamescon army.  It was an interesting game for me and Im glad I got it in. Read on for more.


The Lists:
Blood Angels:
- 2 x Libby with unleash rage and shield
- 2x 10 man assault squads w/ power weapon sgt, 2x melta guns
- Furioso Dread with Claws.
- 2x Priest with power weapon.
- 2x Baal pred with assa cannon and hvy bolter sponsons.
- 2x 5 man squad with melta in hvy bolter razorbacks.
- Land Speeder Typhoon
- Land Raider Redemmer with Multi Melta
- Storm Raven with Multi Melta and Lascannon

My Grey Knights:
 - Grandmaster: Halberd, Rad, blind and Psycho grenades. 3 skulls.
 - Librarian: Warding stave, Shrouding, Sanctuary, quicksilver, Might of Titan, Warp Rift, Vortex
 - 4 Paladins: 1- MC sword,S.B.  2- sword,S.B.  3-Banner, S.B.   4. Hammer, S.B.
 - Land Raider Redemmer w/ Psybolt Ammo
 - Strike Squad: 10 men, 2 psycannon, 1 halberd, 1 Hammer, Razorback w/ hvy Bolter & psybolt ammo
 - Strike Squad: SAME
 - Strike Squad: 5 men, 1 psycannon, 1 halberd, 1 hammer, razorback w/ psybolt hvy bolter
 - Psiflemen dread.
 - Psiflemen dread. 

MISSION: Kill points, Spearhead

Roll for first turn: Blood Angels win and choose first turn.

Pre-deployment thoughts:  He was playing an obviously FIRE list.  This meant that if I was going to win I should adopt a WATER style of play.  This tactic would obviously favor me because my Grey Knights excel at water and even though Blood Angels are excellent fire armies they have a hard time overcoming water.  Also, I am a long time Blood Angel player so I know how to hamstring the army pretty well... That said my opponent is a regular tournament player and I couldn't rely on elemental tactics and my knowledge.  If I did he would beat my face in.

ANGELS: As expected he deployed his Land Raider and Storm Raven as far forward as possible, this made him take the "burn baby burn," stance.  His razorbacks were behind the LR, likely set up as a support element just in case his first wave got stuck in.  One Baal Pred was held in reserve, I had mixed feelings about this, but would wait to see how his reserve rolls worked.  Lastly his land speeder was positioned to move into the table quarter to might right, likely hoping to pop some razorbacks and such.

KNIGHTS:  I Castled up in the corner around the one piece of ruin terrain there.  On the second floor I deployed my psiflemen dreads, this would be a perfect 'sniping,' position all game.  On the ground level I deployed both of my foot GK strike squads I placed the storm bolters in the building while the Psycannons were out of the building, while not granting it.  My landraider made itself as cover for the razorbacks.  After making sure everything in my army was 6" from the Land Raider I let the game begin.

Pregame: I failed to seize the initiative, I also forgot to deploy my skulls (GRRR!).  He scouted his Baal pred 18" and poped smoke, using my own trick against me, grrrrr.  I rolled a "5" on the Grandmaster ability and gave counter assault to 2 strike squads and my Paladin squad.  I knew he was going to want to charge, so I thought Counter Assault is better than scout this game.

Turn 1:
Blood Angels - (MOVEMENT) He moved flat out with his raven, moving directly at my lines, his Land Speeder also moved flat out into the table quarter to the right of me.  I was surprised he moved his speeder flat out, but I wasn't about to complain as it wasn't going to be shooting at me this turn.  The rest of his army moved forward 12", except for the Baal which moved 6" on my left flank. (SHOOTING) I casted Shrouding, giving everything in my army a 3+ cover save (except my raider).  HIs Raven shot its MM at my raider and hit, but only stunned it.  His Baal was a little more successful and put 9 wounds on my 5 man combat squad with 2 psycannons.  I lost all but one GK who promplty fled 3" (grrr, why didn't I deploy those skulls!?)  (ASSAULT) None

Grey Knights- My lone GK rallied and hid in the ruins, hoping to deny a KP.  My Raider casted Fortitude and ignored the stunned result, his hood failed to stop it. (MOVEMENT) I moved my raider forward 12" and had my razorbacks follow closely behined.  (SHOOTING) This is where I put the hurt on, and also made a dumb mistake.  I opened up with a riflemen on his Land Speeder, making short work of the av10 vehicle.  My other Psiflemen tore apart the Storm Raven, making its contents get out.  My Psycannon combat Squads then ulneashed 2 psycannons on the Furioso dread that got out of the Raven when it exploded.  I rolled pretty well with rending and exploded the ancient warrior.  At this point I had a decision, pop smoke on the Land Raider and get a nice cover save if my libby casts shrouding or use the falmestorm cannon on the Storm Raven occupants.  I knew the better decision was to pop smoke and hunker down another turn (water tactics) but instead I decided to go for it and fired the cannon (Fire tactics).  I rolled like piss and he made almost all his FNP saves (damn AP3!) meaning only 2 marines died... that sucked!  I knew my Raider was gone after that debacle. (ASSAULT) None

Turn 1 KP:
BA- 0
GK- 3

Turn 2:
Blood Angels: (RESERVES) His Baal fails to come on. (MOVEMENT) He moved his raider up 12" and dropped his other big assault squad right in front of my raider.  He then moved the survivors from the raven into attack posistion on the raider.  I was now staring down 4 melta guns and 1 Multi-Melta which were all in double pen... His razors move behind his Raider, but don't have much LOS since they are bottlenecked behind the LR. (SHOOTING) His Baal opens up again on my second combat squad, which had just killed the Furioso.  His rolling was hot and he wiped out all but one guy, who promptly ran... I couldn't make a 3+ to save my life!  He then moved on to the meltas...... He fired with his Multi-melta which missed (Duh!) then he shot me with the meltas from the Raven squad who both failed to cause any damage!!! I was beginning to think that I was going to live through this!  Then he rolled his last two meltas and blew the raider to holy hell.  One melta missed and the second made short work of me... IF ONLY I POPPED SMOKE!!!! Oh well.  I deployed my Paladins at the very back of the explosion crater, and hoped for the best. (ASSAULT) Both 10 man units announce a charge against my paladins... The Raven squad is easily within range and makes the difficult roll.  The Raider Squad, however, fails their charge and much to my elation stands there looking at my Pallies.  His 10 man squad plus libby and priest runs in valiantly and is almost entirely slaughtered, only the priest lived to the next round... Which I wasn't happy about because now I can't assault him in my turn...GRRRR.

Grey Knights: (MOVEMENT) My single guy rallies and goes to hide next to the other single guy in the ruins... Kill point denial!  I personally feel that this next move is what made the game for me.  I moved my Razorbacks all 12" to encircle my Paladins in a big "C" formation, effectively protecting them from the 10 man assault squad on the other side.  Even if he did charge me he would hit on 6's and have to charge the squad inside before my pallies.  (SHOOTING) My shooting was not very spectacular, and in fact I don't even remember what was taken out that turn... I think I stunned the razorbacks a lot... The big thing I did was popping smoke on all my razors, making sure they could live as long as possible. (ASSAULT) I made quick work of the priest and consolidated a little backwards, just to make sure I didn't get charged by 3 squads of angry Blood Angels.

Turn 2 KP:
BA- 1
GK- 6

Turn 3:
Blood Angels: (RESERVES) HIs Baal comes in, but on the wrong edge, he moves it flat out in an attempt to get it in ASAP.  (MOVEMENT) Not much for him to do, he moves his LR up 3" and moves his assault squads close to my rhino wall. (SHOOTING) I cast shrouding and it goes off easily.  He fires his LR multi melta at a razor and his assault cannon at another razor, cover saves and his bad rollling see to it that nothing happens to me.  His melta guns in the big assault squad also do nothing.  Go go gadet cover save!  (ASSAULT) He tries to assault my razor wall but fails miserably.

Grey Knights: (MOVEMENT) My razorbacks deploy their cargos 2x 5 man combat SS and move out of the way.  My Pallies move closer and get ready to multi charge the LR and the big assault squad.  (Shooting) I forgot to shoot my razors completely, douh! But it didn't matter much, my dreads made short work of the razorbacks and his Baal were left untouched... I just couldn't do crap with my psycannons on that thing! (ASSAULT) I made a small mistake here, by not moving my Paladins first, but in the end it didn't matter.  All my powers (except for one hammer hand) went off and I charged in with my Paladin Squad and 2 5 man Strike squads... My first move was to kill the priest with the halberd, after that it didn't matter... The Grey Knights turned the Blood Angels into paste, while only losing a few of their number.  The best part was the Paladin Daemon Hammer that ripped the Land Raider apart...But what do you expect from 4 S10 +2d6 master-crafted hits? After this point we called the game.  He had nothing left but his Balls (Pun intended).

Turn 3 KP:
BA- 1
GK- 12


Post Game: I made a few lame mistakes.  I should have deployed my skulls to prevent the Baal from scouting on me that first turn.  I also should have popped smoke on my Raider...I knew that was the right thing to do, but just didn't do it.  Lastly I should have assaulted with my Paladins first to make sure they are in base to base, then assaulted with my Power Armor guys.  All in all it was a good game and that Razor wall really saved my trash!  Also, my opponents army gave me a lot of kill-points in one location, the Raider and crew was 4 KP and the Raven was 5 KP... That is a lot of KP for mostly power armor guys.  It made it a little easier for me to get really far ahead.

Anyhow, I hope you all like this report...Next time Im going to make sure to bring my Camera at the least, and hopefully I will remember to bring the video cam!

Thoughts, comments, insider trading?!



  1. Great battle rep mate, feel bad for the other guy, that was a walk over.

  2. During the game it felt a little stressful, but after looking the game once over I do see that it was a bit of a cake walk.


  3. Nice battle report. As a Blood Angels player as well, I'm confused as to how to approach GK, recognizing that with an assault theme, I'm bound to take casualties. My games against GK thus far have been much tighter than the results in this one, but it's still nerve-wracking.

    As an aside, where you mentioned using smoke on your Raider, remember that smoke is actually used at the end of the movement phase. It's a decision you would have had to make already. :)

  4. This was a pretty extreme example of a walk over like the other posters have already stated.

    BA needs to play aggressive vs. GK, but not stupid. The SR needed to boost close and drop off that payload and Furioso asap. Shooting is not as important as killing those Paladins. Since his list wasn't spectacular and didn't have much high strength shots, he should of played aggressively with his Baals (both of them) and start them on the table. At this time, he needs volume of power, shots and force to force more target saturation from your side.

    His assaults are poor, 3+ with FNP can weather quite a bit of shooting from GK so I don't know why he assaulted the way he did. What needed to happen was a combined assault on the Paladins with volume in number. Shoot the meltas on the way, hope the hood blocks the Shrouding and throw as many bodies into the fray as possible. You might kill a bunch, but delivering game-changing Fists into the squad is more important.

    As for GKs, you want those 2 GKSS full squads in Rhinos. Top hatch, 2 dudes shooting is a good amount of shots. Razorbacks for 10 man squads is just offering kill points as you'll have guys standing outside. That's a big no no. Think AV11 Psycannon bunkers. That's what Rhinos and GKSS are supposed to do.

    Not a terrible game, but the BA player's strategy vs. Grey Knights and how he handled those Paladins needs revision.

  5. @anon: yea, I wrote that bad... I was making the decision at the end of my movement... Right before starting my shooting.

    @hero: I'm beginning to agree with the 10 man squad in a rhino. The combat squads always get blasted! It will also free up some points to upgrade the only razorback to something more useful... Also, to be fair, he did try to double assault me with both of his big squads, but one squad failed the difficult/dangerous rolls. That and all his meltas were used getting me out ofthe raider... That said, I agree that he should have played a lot differently... Especially with the Baal preds. The razorback squads were 100% worthless as well for him.


  6. Heh, what anon says (about smoke).

    Otherwise, a good report, pictures are always useful to reports, but sounds like you'll be doing that next time, so awesome :)

    As for your annihilating the BA's... good work. His list is kind of all over the place, and had the 'Death Star' syndrome that lots of BA players have, but a win is a win, and you for sure outplayed him.

  7. Nice report, I like your style.

  8. I like my style too ::pops his collar::. I have a video bat rep coming up that you should all enjoy.


  9. As a BA Player I disagree with practically everything the BA player did. In my experience Paladins shouldn't be assaulted at all, even if a multi charge is on the cards. You can't act like a 10 man assault squad is hammernators and Vs GK's priests should stay in their transports if possible and out of combat at all cost.

    I don't see why he reserved a Baal, it clearly wasn't going to be a priority target with a Rave around and it would have helped clean up your foot squads sharpish.

    Going Flat out with the speeder seemed pointless, might as well have at least got some shots out of it before it died.

    Given how many Razors etc. he had, it felt like he should have melta'd your psyfilemen first. they were going to cost him the most KP's during the game.

    If he wanted to reserve anything the storm Raven is the choice. Then you play a game in which you try and remove all units that pose it a threat (easier said than done but avoids wasting KP's getting wiped out by termies.

  10. I agree with your points mostly. He really had no business reserving the second Baal.

    His speeder never got a shot off. I killed it turn 1 after it went flat out.

    I simply think his list could use th/ss termies in the raven. I run my current angels with termies in a raven and assault marines in a raider... Works great!