Wednesday, May 4

GRRR, GK @ 1,000pts. (Lots of lists)

Ok, as some of you may know by reading this blog before I am planning on playing in the team tournament at WargamesCon (BoLScon).  My good buddy and I are planning on playing BA and GK armies cause that is what we are taking to the main tournie, and to put it simply we think it is fun... However, there is a bit of a problem.

Here is the problem.  He is planning on bringing a Decent of Angels list which means that I only have a few options with which to compliment him.  The stupid thing is that GK are really hard to build a list out of at 1000 pts.  As such I am reaching out to the self proclaimed all knowing internets.  Im going to put up a couple lists and you all tell me what you like better.  Something to keep in mind: We aren't trying to win it all, we want to have an awesome time while doing well and not getting our face bashed in.  We like to call it the table crawl, which is similar to the infamous bar crawls in College.

I don't have his list in front of me (BAD internet personality!) but it is something like a librarian and 2-3 RAS Squads with power weapons and melta guns and priests sprinkled in.

GK list option 1: (Paladins ahooy)

6 Paladins
- 2 Psycannons
- Brotherhood banner
- Warding Stave
- misc hammers/ halberds/ swords for wound allocation
- psybolt ammo

1 Paladin (Solo!)

- 5 powers

Lord Draigo

--- This list is more one unit than an army... I know that it is great fun, but one vindicator will ruin my face.

List 2: Eat Crowe

- Crowe

- 7 Purifiers X3
 - 2 psycannons
 - 4 halberds
 - 1 hammer
 - Rhino

- Psiflemen dread

--- This is a pretty good list, I feel.  It can hold its own against being out numbered heavily and can even have a little bit of a fire fight... they are also fearless, which is a strong bonus while Im waiting for the Angels to come in.

List 3:  Balanced stuff

- Libby 5 powers
- 5 GK Terminators
  - Banner
  - Psycannon
  - Misc swords/ hammer/ Halberds

- GK strike Squad x2
 - Halberd
 - Hammer
 - Psycannon
 - Razorback
   - Psybolt ammo

--- Pretty simple list, suffers from being Grey Knights at 1000 points.

Which of these three lists do you like the most? Which one would you have the most fun with... Obviously there are a few more ideas that I could take but I don't want to have to buy/assmeble/ paint too much new stuff for a simple team tourney.

Thoughts and comments welcome.



  1. Probably leaning towards the last one, though maybe swapping the Termies for dual Dreads? If he's doing DoA, then you need to support him with firepower. Coincidentally, that's what dreads and strike squads do very well, with the added benefit of strike squads giving daemons and other DoA armies fits. Just don't use Warpquake in areas when your teammate wants to come in!

  2. Duke- you don't have my list... cause I never sent it to you! haha. Ok, here is the list I'm thinking of running...

    Librarian (100) -125
    -JP (25)
    -Shield of Sanguineous & Sanguinary Sword
    Priest (50) -90
    -JP (25) PW (15)
    Priest (50) -90
    -JP (25) PW (15)
    RAS x10 (190) -235
    -SGT: LC Pair (30)
    -1 Meltagun (10), 1 Flamer (5)
    RAS x10 (190) -235
    -SGT: Fist (25)
    -2 Meltaguns (20)
    RAS x10 (190) -225
    -SGT: PW (15)
    -2 Meltaguns (20)

    This list won’t outright win a lot of games, but 33 jump infantry dropping on your head is still hard to deal with. Add in Shield and FNP bubbles, I should survive till at least round 4... but this is more dependent on my level of inebriation.