Monday, June 27

Feast of Blades Update: Mission packs printed


Feast Of Blades mission packs are hot off the press and ready for distribution to a news stand (game store) near you. Read on to catch a first glance at the goods.

This year the bar was raised in the production end for Feast of Blades ( The number of finished pieces has sky rocked up to 500 in all. Yes you read right, 500 some odd players will be involved in the qualifier event alone!

That puts the total number at 2500 sheets of paper used to satisfy the order. With numbers like that I moved this job from the photo copiers to the printing press to save time and money.

Check it out its a Heidelberg Printmaster, this is the exact press I did the printing on for this years packets. Thank you Germany, thank you.

So lets take a look at what 37lbs of printed paper looks like.

(Wow, this is so exciting, paper!)

As you can see its quite a stack, and next to the missions is the package of painting score sheets.

It is 3 1/2 inches tall on its own.

(That's 23,000 possible points in paint scores alone people ;) , time to get those brushes going.)

And again this year we did the perfed score sheet along with the 3 missions and an extra page of general mission information all stitched together.

Also the missions themselves look better and have great graphics showing deployment and objective placement in addition to the "mission at a glance" section.

A ton of time and effort has been put into these packets so you can focus on the game and enjoy the day.

Personally I would like to thank Duke for letting me help with this project and going the extra mile in getting it done.

Hope they work great for you on game day!

Enjoy, Swags.

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