Tuesday, June 21

Power Sword Week, Hellblades

Hello all Swags here with my contribution to Power Sword week.

I volunteered to show off some of my Bloodletter Hellblades for my part, cuz when it comes to power swords who does it better than the minions of Khorne right.

Lets get right to it shall we. Fist off I found a unfinished Bloodletter in my stack of boxes to do a little example with. I start him off with a base of skull white.

Then I ink the entire blade in yellow. You might not need to but I like to work the whole thing from tip to base.

After that I do a bit of a back track and blend more white into it starting at the end and moving to the hilt. One major reason I paint the entire sword from here on out is just to use up the paint that is on the brush. It starts out heavy and gradually dissipates as I move down to the handle where I have no paint going on at all.

Then you might have guessed it, starts the sunburst yellow using the same pattern.

Next a coat of blazing orange.

Moving on to mechrite red.

And finally just a bit of chaos black.

It is an easy process that has yielded great results.

I remember after I did the first one on a test fig, I was like "this is perfect, its exactly what I want! Wait...I have how many to do like this?"

But in the end I managed to get over 50 done and the feedback I get from other players that see them makes it all worth it.

Well that's about it for this one. The one thing that I will say is if I had to do it all over again I would definitely use the air brush. This look is perfect for that application and would be even smoother.

Enjoy, Swags.


  1. Nice, I always have trouble going from the yellow orange to red when i blend blades like that. In the end i settled on a different style for my bloodletters,


  2. Very cool stuff Swags... I think your right, though, an air brush would make this thing crazy blended... Nonetheless, I like that style for "evil," blades.

    @ Tyler, Though the blades themselves are pretty basic, the rest of the model looks great...I particularly like the Banner...Did you freehand that? Cause Im a big fan of anything freehand.


  3. Ya, its just a simple blend but it works for mass production. On a Marine HQ or something I would do a standard electric type of paint job.

  4. Your Daemons look incredible at events, always a crowd pleaser. Do an article with your various princes and GD conversions. I think it would benefit people to see your Khorne list so they can see that not only can Khorne look sweet but be interesting to play by including counts as. Maybe it's just me but an army of all bloodletters, crushers and khorne hqs is a little boring game play wise.

  5. DEATH TO THE TRAITOROUS POWERS.... *cough*... er, uh, I mean great looking swords of, uh... blasphemy, er, I mean Hellblades.

    When it comes to blending, an airbrush is always a good choice, but for many its not an option, so it's great to see how you did it without it. Well done Swags... can't wait to see the rest of your work.

    (The Emperor Protects)

  6. Ye the banner is free handed. I still actually want to do a little work on the background when I get better at painting on skulls, but overall the unit turned out pretty well, conversions were the hardest part of course.

  7. YO Brian! Thanks man, im sure the MC's will get their own place here soon and I will do something special for the 2 Greater Daemons.

    Imortal, thanks for the comment. While the air brush would be my first choice now I think its important to be able to do a nice blend without it. I just wish someone would start a Daemon army and let me try out a Hellblade blend with it.

    I also have visions of doing a full body blend on Bloodletters in the same color pattern with black steel blades. Did you ever see the experimental paint jobs in the codex?

    I dont have the page number on me but if you look there is one that is total hell fire on the body painted by some guest guy or something.

    Hellblades rule!

  8. That would be really cool to see Swgas... I never knew about your DP and GD's. I am really interested to see how that paint job would look on the blood letters themselves.