Monday, June 20

Introducing a new author: Swags

Well, folks of the internet... The Inferno continues to grow.  I wanted to introduce
you to our newest writer: Swags.  He is a helluva' Hobbyist and  a pretty cool guy
to boot.  Without further ado, take it away Swags. -Duke

When Duke asked me to contribute to his blog I was honored, but I also knew
I would need to introduce myself to a new bunch of people. So I thought I
should take some time to do up a little hello/bio for the blog to start
things off.

Lets start with some real life stuff. Originally I am from Illinois, no
not Chicago, the other Illinois. Think cows, corn, red necks and 40K, yes
40K lives in the rural Midwest. Think about it there is nothing else to do.

I started playing with some great friends there around 2004, I think. Its
hard to say because since I began all concept of time and space has been
distorted. I am hopelessly addicted to 40K and that's...OK.

In 2007 I moved to sunny Florida and quickly found some stores and good
people to game with. I am not part of any club per say but I am an official
friend of the 40K Wreaking Crew and I still count myself as part of my
original store crew the Capitol Imperials.

Now lets get to the good stuff!

What army's do you have?

First and favorite Chaos Space Marines, love to hate them!
About 4000 points painted and 1000 new in box, it never ends with Chaos.

Next, Tau baby! My second army and biggest force yet.
7500 points painted including Kroot.

Kroot you say? Yes, I'm in the 0.05% of people who have a independent Kroot
Merc force. 2500 points of unplayable joy!

Daemons, more hate to love. Or was it the other way around?
Rockin something like 3000 points at 90% painted.

Done yet? Not even close, up next Necrons. This is the only force that I
didn't paint myself and that's OK too. Like 4000 before the new codex and
100% painted.

Lets talk Marines now, currently painting 130 or so of various regular
Marines and building/painting my Grey Knights as well.

So...That puts me at "off the deep end" status in the collection range.

What else is going on you might ask?

Well, I am always looking to improve or create on the existing game and all
around aspects of it. This is how Duke and I got acquainted and what the
main focus of my posts here will revolve around. I'm not going to go into
detail now because that would spoil the surprise.

OK now that's out of the way, how about some fun facts.
What was your most WAAC moment?

Geez...Not long ago there was a 2500 point team tournament that had an
open FOC for each list. I played with another CSM friend and we came up
with a 4 lash, 17 obliterator, 4 or 5 MSU nurgle marine force. Needless to
say we took that day and reallyy felt bad about it. The worst part was when
we traded lists in our first game and one opponent playing Tau said to us
"What are obliterator weapons?" After that the store put a limit on FOC
for TT's.

Got a favorite award?

Glad you ask, more so to prove I'm not a total jerk after that last
statement. I made it to the finals for Ard Boyz in 2008, so I made the trip
to Baltimore and got shut down. But I also stayed to play in the GT that was
the next 2 days and came home with a 2nd best sports award and 5th place
overall. And I was playing Daemons no less!
(Important because Daemon players are not typically known for their
sportsmanship IMO)

So that's it, just a short bio type of thing so we can get past the awkward
butt sniffing stage and get down to some real business.
I am looking forward to putting out some diverse, involved, sometimes
complex posts that I hope will excite and motivate you to enjoy the hobby
even more than you do now.

Thanks for listening, your boy Swags!

If you have any questions or whatever hit me up, I can talk about 40K for days on end.


  1. Welcome to the team Swags!
    Ah, the progress you've made... from "Anonymous posted" to a full blown writer for the blog, well done!
    I look forward to your articles!


  2. Swags is a good man to bring onboard! I look forward to his future articles here.


  3. Thanks ya'll, im working hard to bring some interesting things to the table.

    I might still log out and do an "anonyymous" post every once in a while just to remember the old times.

  4. lol, I do miss Anon... Someone on the internets out there needs to pick up the mantle!

    I agree with you BBF... We signed him to a 4 year $25million contract with a $40 million buyout clause, so you can't have him over at Terminus Est! (lol)

    Good to have you Swags.


  5. All I got for a sign on was a moldy cookie and half a 2 dollar bill for a lifetime contract (which sucks when you have a name like 'Immortal'). I got a DLTDHYOTB (don't let the door hit you on the butt) buyout clause.


  6. As a full time lurker, finding his tinternet voice, I am liking this forum the most.

    Too much hate on BoLS. (Anyone else noticed it seems to have ramped up lately? What's that all about?) Too much preachin on most other sites; my list is bigger than yours stuff...

    Looking forward to what you have to say Swags, but you've gotta aim high to maintain the quality standard.

  7. Thanks for the compliment anon: yea, sadly BoLS comments are often filled with too much hate, such are trolls I suppose. I really have wanted the inferno to just be a chill blog from gamer to gamer... None of this "I am awesome cause I'm on the internets." I'm sure swags will bring up the level of this blog, I only hope to keep up, lol.

    Anyhow, keep visiting! (and commenting!)