Tuesday, June 14

Introducing a new Author

Hey all, Duke here... I wanted to drop a quick line and introduce a new author to The Inferno, and to the loyal readers.

In my experience, blog readers want lots of updates and decent articles that help either pass the slow day at work, or something they can read to further their game.  In an effort to deliver that to you I am adding another new author: Dragoon 6.

In my opinion, The Inferno (Right now) is more about real gamers talking to real gamers...Im not going to try to act like I am the end all of list building, and Im not going to be an emo-bitching-blogger.  I envision a place that is very similar to the discussions you have with your buddies when your sitting around after gaming night.

Why Dragoon6?

Dragoon6 used to be one of the more prominent gamers in Colorado, he won many, many tournaments and was always a force to be reckoned with.  Then, he was called to serve our country (Currently all writers of the inferno are either active duty or prior service).  He admittedly lost some touch on the game.  Finally he is at the point where he can start climbing his way back to the top tables, it is this interesting journey that I thought would bring a different perspective on the posts here, just one gamer talking to another about how to get back to the top tables when you have fallen a bit behind.

I hope you all enjoy his posts.



  1. more authors is always good to see. looking forward to reading his thoughts!

  2. Always good to add to the level of experiance.

    welcome Dragoon6, Swags.

  3. As one of the other authors of this blog, I warmly welcome Dragoon 6! I will gladly share the pressure of coming up with and writing new posts actually worth reading.
    I've known Dragoon 6 for years and have had many a chance to play him, and his guard were truly a force to be reckoned with.
    Also, as a fellow patriot in service to this country, I salute you (even if you are Air Force, ha! go Army).

    (1LT, Infantry, U.S. Army)

  4. P.S.
    Swags... man, you really need to get a sign in, although I do laugh a little every time I see "Anonymous said..."

    Game on!

  5. I also laugh every time I see "Anonymous."

    And there ain't no problem with the Air Force... AIR POWER BIATCH!