Monday, June 13

GK FAQ out!

Well, well, well, the Grey Knights FAQ has come out and its time to look over this bad boy and see what stuff we can and cannot do.

First, here is the link to the form. GK FAQ

Important points:

- Shunt punch gets punched in the face!
  Models CANNOT use a shunt move as their scout move if given scout by a GM.  This is really sad, I wish it was going to be made so, but then you would see GK armies change overnight.  All in all it seems GW is going with "spirit of the Law," on this FAQ...  Too bad cause interceptors with hammers would have been awesome! Oddly, you can pop smoke in the scout move, you can turbo boost in the scout move but you can't shunt, I see why...but it seems a bit inconsistent.

- Walkers CAN capture objectives:
  If the GM makes them scoring they can claim.  This one is pretty cool in my opinion... Making a dread scoring is good stuff, especially in capture and control missions, now all my strike squads can surge forward and I don't have to worry about leaving one behind...

- Doomfists do NOT give S10:
  This one is something that we ruled on our Feast of Blades FAQ.  All in all it makes sense, they want you to exchange doomsifsts and making them S6 makes you want to do just that.  He does gain +1 attack if he has 2 doom fists though, so at least there is that.

- Models in terminator armor CAN embark in Chimeras:
  I don't know that this will change much, but I'm sure someone will try and put paladins or other some such unit in a Chimera.  Where I feel that this actually could be useful is the Librarian lists simply because he doesn't have to hoof it any more if he doesn't want to.

- Nemesis Falchions only add +1 attack:
 Though I felt that the way the rules/codex were written gave +2 attacks it seems that GW only feels that the falchions are essentially the only way to get a +1 CCW attack... Too bad, cause Falchions would have been sweet with +2 attacks! Well, at least I don't have to remodel anything.

- Servo Skulls don't stack to reduce the distance scattered by 2D6 (And they don't work w/ orbital strike)
  Again, this isn't a huge deal... But now your not going to have some guy trying to break the system and Deep striking psycannons everywhere and effectively not scattering. Also, orbital strikes always scatter 2D6 no matter if your around a skull or not.

- Ulumeathi Plasma Syhpon includes almost everything:
  Tau are pretty much screwed if you take this thing!  Though as with some of the other FAQ stuff it isn't going to change the game much at all.

Those are really the main points that stuck out to me.  Some other things were in there that make this worth reading, but all in all I didn't see anything that surprised me or really changed the codex on a fundamental way.  I was a little disappointed in the falchions only giving +1 attack, but oh well... In all honesty I probably wouldn't have equipped them anyhow, but I certainly will never use them if they are only giving +1 attack.

All in all, I think it is a decent FAQ... But it didn't really answer all the questions that we have been asking for a while now... Oh well.

What are your thoughts about the new FAQ?  Will anything change with these rulings?  



  1. Hey bro Swags told me you are gonna be coming out for BeakyCon ! That is AWESOME news bro !!!


  2. Just the fact that an FAQ came out so fast says something as opposed to how long for Tyranids?

  3. Lately GW has been pretty good about quick FAQ's....
    Perhaps if tyrannies were wearing power armor they would have gotten more love!

    @ BBF: im going to try... We will see. You for sure need to come up to feast of blades in November (4,5,6)

    In fact, everyone needs to come to feast of blades (what a sell-out I am! Lol)


  4. Duke if you can make it to BeakyCon you better believe I'll be at Feast of Blades.


  5. Did you see the change in the pys casting section in the main rule book?

    No rolling the same test twice.
    I wonder if they whent back and changed the CMS FAQ?


    PS, please help me log in, im no good on my own.

  6. Nope, now we have conflicting FAQ's.



  7. What, conflicting rules?! I can't believe it (insert sarcasm)


  8. That picture is silly. The guy's head is way too tiny, lol.

  9. Lmao! He does have a small head... Oh well, at least his armor looks sick, that's all that really counts.


  10. Haha, I never noticed that before... looks a baby in Power Armor!

    @Swags and Black Blow Fly- When/Where is BeakyCon? maybe Duke will need less convincing if he has someone to travel with ;)