Friday, October 14

Bag Man Pt 2 - Solutions!

Not long ago I did a little article on the bag man, some of you might remember him.

It was a bit of a rant with some truth on the side and a helping of humor for desert. But now its time to get serious and "put up or shut up as it" were.

As I mentioned, I have produced a large number of display boards for several players all over the U.S. And Duke, the master manipulator that he is, put me up to the task of doing something about the bag man situation.

So I decided to donate 2 of my displays for Feast of Blades. These will be given out at the event to players who deserve them, more on that later. First lets have a look at the goods!

The first thing I do, after building the displays, is to select a wrap. For the ones at Feast I picked out this red planet pic and the classic skull wrap.

I use Mod Podge to apply the artwork that I have photocopied and cut into strips.

Using several coats of the glue on the display and the back of the art they are set in place and trimmed to fit.

Then more glue.

Some times a seam is needed to connect multiple images together. This can be tricky, but the skulls make it easy to hide with some fancy cutting.

Once the entire thing is done, its time for another layer to seal it all together.

When they dry I will use a clear coat to protect it.

That's about it, no bag man could argue with one of these.

They are solid and stylish, form and function in a must for me and I am proud to give them out at Feast. Oh right, we were gonna go over that too.

Duke and I have come up with the best way we can think of to get these into the right hands so don't think you can just show up with out a display and hope to come home with one of them.

I cant say much more at this time but be on the lookout, as there are a few things that the staff will watching for. Hope you all have a great time at Feast of Blades and avoid the bag man!

My work here is done...well for now.


  1. I can't wait to hand these out at Feast of Blades... Now there is no reason to be a bag man!

    One thing I hate is people who complain about things and don't want to do anything about it... You have done something great by actually providing a solution to the thing that bugs you. Kudos buddy.


  2. Styling stuff, swags. Looks good. Easily replicated process too.

    1. Excellent ideas this is incredible the amount of things we can make with few materials, it has been so perfect for me because now I can create my own creations based on what you made.