Friday, October 28

Chaos Greater Damon Part 2

Hi everyone, I'm back to finnish my recent article on the Giant Greater Daemon.
No real tricks with this one, just a fun little glamor shoot with the big man.

I wanted something basic yet classic, the final call going to a a washed out grey color.

So lets get some close ups to start.

You got to love that look he has even without eyes!

The green stuff blended well with the paint job using high lights to take the eye away from the edge.

The paint its self was a series of lights to darks.

I started with a black base and then dry brushed white. Then a dark grey wash and light grey dry brush, ending in repeating again in light grey wash and whites in the high-lights again.

You cant paint daemons with out painting butts and this guy was no different.

The tail was a great addition and worked out to balance the model out.

Knees and ankles blended good too, the time spent sanding and grinding paid off.

Some full size pics so you can get a real look at the "Grey Ghost".

He loves using that chain to crack open Landraiders.

Well that's about all for this one. I can say he has had great games throwing his "best 100 points in the game" title around.

And sure he never gets cover but that's never slowed him down.

Thanks for looking, more big guys and a bunch of little ones to come.


  1. Looks sharp! Going to be a bitch to get 50% cover with him thought. Hah!

  2. I can see it now "shhh, Im hunting for wabbits!"


  3. I really like it, but keep seeing chaos giant, rather than greater demon.

  4. I can help with that...Just close your eyes and say "beetlejuice," three times.



  5. The round base is a dead give-away! Ha ;)

  6. Duke's got skills. Top drawer stuff. Look forward to your other creations.

  7. Nice to see an 'unconventional' Greater Daemon done well. I especially like your spot colors, makes the whole paint job work in my opinion.

  8. Swags, I agree with Quinn... It is great to see something unconventional but also a risky looks like the thing it is supposed to represent. I got tired of seeing one guy trying to count a vargulf (sp) as a greater daemon.