Thursday, October 6

Blog Discussion: What will 6th edition bring?

Today is just going to be a short post, as I am hoping to simply generate discussion as opposed to have you just listen to my thoughts.

What Changes do you think are coming in 6th ed (It is ok to wish list)?

Put it in the following format:  "What I think we will see and What we will most likely see and will 6th be a change for good?"

Here is my thoughts

Things I think are actually coming -
 - Premeasurement is coming (For your first born!)
    I believe that fantasy was the trial for this one and it seems to have worked out just fine.  This should improve the tournament scene a little.  Though Im sure some tournament players will say it robs the game of strategy and "having skills,"

 - True LOS is staying:
    Just get over it, GW likes it and it will most likely stay.

- Psyker levels 
    Look at the GK book for evidence of this.

- No  nerf of Mech.
   Sorry guys, it just sells too many models, tanks will still be king of the hill.

Things I think might be coming:
- Rules for flyers, possibly super-heavies like the Macharius.
   Fantasy added big monster stuff. I don't think we will see warhound titans running around, but we might see rules for smaller super-heavies. Flyers are almost 100%

- Terrain that effects the game:
  I really hope that Fantasy doesn't drop off that stupid part on all of us 40k players.  Terrain shouldn't give things like "Fearless to the unit holding this building."  That is what we have cityfight for.  Keep it there.

Those are only a few of my current ideas.  What do you think will come with 6th ed?  What would you like to see?



  1. As a former WHFB player, I kinda hope that premeasuring isnt coming, I really do feel like it took away a lot from that game.

    I mean, do you really need it in 40K? You can already premeasure the movement for your unit and if you Run! in the shooting phase, you're not obligated to even take that. Lone IC behind some soft cover and there's hard cover 5" away? Run to Run! and if you get a 5+ then go for it, if its less then just stay in your soft cover.

    Only thing you cant premeasure is shooting and assaults so I guess that's where it would have the most affect.

    I dunno...

  2. Well, based on rumors and directions from GW's prior changes to Fantasy as well as my wish list such is this:

    1) Vehicles will see some minor tweaks and changes. Damage table changes will be very minor. Squadrons are going to become a bit stronger and will become popular in 6th. We are going to see some introduction of flyers and super-heavy vehicles also to games to pimp more plastics and Forge World.

    2) ICs are going to become more powerful. With the rumors of being able to take two saves now for any model. Cover, FNP, Armor and Inv. to name them. Being able to take the best two to save your arse is going to be huge. Pretty much welcome Fantasy in again, oh you have an armor and ward save.

    3) Premesure everything, this does kill the thinking aspect but also is easier on the kids. Adults will dislike it at first. Like Fantasy most people just accept it now.

    4) Close combat is going to change, factoring in the Necromunda or old school 2nd edition pistol style into the game is going to make pistols popular again, mainly bolt pistols and plasma pistols that have been neglected.

    5) Missions are going to change, I suspect the stratagem concept is going to hit this edition as a "game balancer" of sorts. I think it is going to break the game and make things just go wrong in other ways. But that is my opinion.

  3. I really think you have to look at which models didn't sell and then adapt your predictions based on that haha.

  4. @Reid: you're probably more right than you know... Seriously, look at 4th bs 5th Ed and tanks!

  5. I fully agree that there will be a number of changes from WHF that will make it to 40K... I for one will be one of the 'Vets that can't stand the premeasuring(it'll be hard to break my pet-peeve of this), but I'll deal.

    As a side note, there are a lot of rumors flying about what will the two starting armies be in the 6th Ed box set. I've heard Dark Angels and Chaos, Eldar and Necrons, amoung others. Seeing as there isn't a 'clear' answer yet, what would people like to see?


  6. You're probably right on the probably coming set, though I think there may be some minor mech nerfs, at least in a relative sense (perhaps through buffs to infantry making them more competitive).

    I'm pretty sure that they'll add some sort of flyer rules; they've been putting too many in the game to leave them as "just" fast skimmers.

    Some superheavies in the base game is possible, at least for lower level things like Stompas and Baneblades (ie have plastic kits for) likely with some kind of minimum game size threshold.

    If they listen to complaints, Kill Points are probably going away, and Wound Allocation will change to something that is different but will cause just as many issues as the current system. ;-) Standard cover may change.

  7. I hope wound allocation changes, it slows things down so much! Plus, it makes having one power weapon in a squad less threatening .