Monday, October 10

Feast of Blades Invitational Terrain Complete!

Feast of Blades Terrain Day: Part II
by Immortal

Well… after great toil and trouble from the minions of the Fabricator General (Damien), the BRAND NEW terrain for the 40K invitational is done!. 32 tables worth of terrain including 3 hills, 2 bases of trees, and one master-crafted ruin big enough to hide a Land Raider in per table have been built, based, sanded, flocked, painted, dry-brushed, and air-brushed. They have passed inspection from the highest scrutiny of the Adepts of Mars and are ready for play!
I for one wish that I didn’t have to judge this tournament, as it looks like it’s going to be a blast! Missions have been posted on  as well as 3++ ( and look like a lot of fun (and are, we’ve been play testing them thoroughly).
This weekend we finished the great terrain project as I wrote about last week (here). We focused on finishing the hills and ruins as well as putting bases on the trees.

After the last weekend of glue and sand, we worked on painting and dry-brushing the hills. We painted them with the rules in mind. All the ‘ramps’ of the hills, aka the lower areas that look like a rhino could drive up, were painted dark brown over the base coat of black then dry-brushed with a snakebite leather like brown. The intent of this was to make it visually obvious as to where a tank could drive up a hill without having to take a dangerous terrain test. No more immobilizations on small bumps and shrubberies. The rest of the hill was painted dark green over the black base then dry-brushed with a color similar to goblin green. We have a few alternate tables painted with desert colors or full mud to switch it up, but the terrain remains the same other then the colors.

Last time we finished putting the ruins together, now it was on to make them look good. We started with a coat of dark grey over the same black base coat followed by a dry-brushing of light grey (fortress grey)… the word of the day was dry-brush. This being done, we got on the fun part, air-brushing.
There was two colors that were used during the air-brush phase; rust and gold. Adding rust to the cracks and edges with artistic talent the buildings were given a ruined and run down look. On top of the dark grey they looked great! As a special touch, a bit of gold was added to select parts of the ruins from the Imperial Ruins sprues, namely on skulls... of which there is a lot of in any Imperial terrain. 

The Fabricator General Damien & Senior Mechanicius Adept Kevin

These were the simple part of the project, and sadly I won’t be writing on them mush because I was too busy with hills and ruins. These will be typical tree bases flocked and painted with removable trees with weighted bottoms.

So, we are that much closer to Feast of Blades and a major milestone has been accomplished. Hope to see you all there!!

Assistant TO


  1. Holy crap man, I can't help but to get nerd wood when looking at this stuff! Great job to everyone who helped get this project done. The fabricator general is truly a most devote servant of the Machine god!

    MISSION #1 of Feast of Blades: Make an event your jealous you can't play in... ACHIEVED!


  2. I quit as one of the assistant TO's... now, what events to register in, hmm...

  3. That looks great! I wish I could be there to help with the build and paint. Terrain is fun to do.

    Cant wait to see them in action, good work.

  4. Henry Ford would be proud. You ought to consider using generic acrylic paints instead of GW paints- it'll bring the cost down.

  5. Kroeger The BloodyOctober 10, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    The Paints are generic brand paints purchased from a Home depot or something. Most stores will do color matching to a swatch if you ask. What Immortal meant was they used a color that was very similar to the GW colors so that readers would have a good frame of reference what colors were being used. The costs would be INSANE if actual GW paints were used on this scale!

  6. Exactly what Kroeger said, I used GW names as a point of reference. The paints are generic, can't remember what the names of them were, there was a few different brands.

  7. So glad it's all finally done. Now I just have to finish the Warmachine terrain...