Tuesday, October 11

Feast Of Blades Trophy Update

Time for project updates.

Today I'm going over my part in the trophy department.

I was asked by Duke to look into creating the base for some of his trophy's this year. It was the same concept as last year but with a better application. So I needed to create a master and reproduce it. Yes I looked all over for something pre-made but nothing worked.

My search ended in the trim department with 4 inside corner blocks.

After a quick measurement and some testing I was able to figure how much to cut off and used a clamp to keep the cuts consistent.

Next I glued and clamped, and glued and clamped again.

After this some wood filler and sanding, and repeat.

Time for a test run. This is my damaged Space Marine statue guy like the ones used for the final product. Its a perfect fit and time to go into the mold.

This is the interesting part. to save on material, I would fill the bottom of the mold with plastic and allow it to set up.

Then I used some sections of insulation glued in place. You don't want it floating in liquid plastic trust me.

And repeat. (I do that allot.)

To give them some distinction I created 7 with a ace logo on the side for each of the tournament "Ace's" and 1 with the Feast Of Blades Logo for the overall winner.

I cant wait to get them sent out and see the final painted product.

Enjoy Feast of Blades players, these are gonna be great!


  1. Nice, gotta get me one or two :)

    Just kidding, I foresee an anti-climatic Day 1 exit from contention to win the whole thing, followed by a Round 5 tabling to complete my humiliation :-p

  2. I'm sure you'll do just fine X. Even with that big target on the back of your head.