Monday, October 24

Having fun at tournaments while losing? (Feast of Blades Feats of Strength)

   The Feats of Strength

     As you know, the writers on this blog each have (or had) a hand in helping Duke birth of the Feast of Blades. My contribution to this process is this series of Video game style acheivements. If a player accomplishes one of the tasks I have set out for them sometime during the course of
the convention, they will earn a hand-made Purity seal, denoting thier awesomeness. For those of you reading with the intent to attend the Feast, and attempt to complete the feats,  you should know that these cannot be acheived at the open gaming tables, only in sanctioned events that are being run by con staff. Also, even if you acheive a feat multiple times, you will receive only one purity seal. Perhaps next year, we will have some sort of device to denote multiples of an acheivement.

  So without further ado, here are the Feats of Strength!

One of the purity seals for achieving a Feast of Strength

1. Harbinger of Death:
 Cause 3 or more enemy units to fail morale checks in one game, except checks for combat resolution

 Suffer 100% casualties in at least three games in a single event

3. Bloodied, but unbowed:
 Suffer at least 75% casualties, and score at least a minor victory (or win, if margins are not used)

4. Where did everybody go?
 Have only one unit remaining at the end of the game. Pinned or Broken units count as destroyed, but "gone to ground" units do not.

5. Better Lucky than Good:
 Benefit from good luck by succeeding on a low probability move that results in a decisive advantage. (subjective) Opponant reports details, judged by Tourny staff.

6. Danger Close:
 Pin, Break, or Destroy a freindly unit using an inaccurate template or blast weapon. Immoblized or weapon destroyed results on freindly vehicles count for this.

  These first six feats we designed specificly to be acheiveable, even whilst getting your face stomped in. One is in fact centered on the fact that you got you face beaten repeatedly, and is there to provide a consolation prize and recognize you for toughing it out through some bad games. For those of you saying, "But Dragoon, templates don't scatter, only blast weapons do." to you people I say, that's true in 40K. We wanted to write these so that the Fantasy Players could participate as well. Our last critera for these was they had to be easy to remember if it happened once the game was over.

8.The Cheese Stands Alone:
 Win a close combat in which you have only one model remaining after combat resolution.

9.Brass Knuckles:
Have a single unit claim 5 or more kill points in a single game from close combat alone.

10.Sure Shot:
  have a single unit claim 5 or more kill points in a single game from shooting alone.

  These are more geared to the "I am winning at 40K" crowd, and are very difficult, if not impossible, for most fantasy players to earn.In this case, that'ok.

11.Strategic Genius:
 Complete all mission objectives in four(4) games in a single event.

12.God of War:
 Complete all mission objectives in every game of a single event. (min six(6) games played to qualify)
   These feats are the most difficult to earn. To get these, you must completely dominate the opposition multiple times in what are certain to be grueling events. I know it seems a little easier to wrap your head around if we just said, "Massacre x number of opponants", but because of the way the Invitational is being structured, we couldn't use that wording. so Acheive all mission objectives it is.

   So why are we doing this? Well the first reason, is that I get to make amusing names for unnusual circumstances, and watch people try to blow up friendly units with whirlwinds and such.
  But the real reasons for doing are based on fun. By doing this, we can try and make sure that even players that are doing very poorly in thier games, have a shot at taking at least SOMETHING home that they didn't have to pay for, to give a positive spin on things. And almost all of us enjoy a little bit of public recognition for our efforts. Are some of these exceedingly difficult to acheive? They sure are! and that's deliberate. Another thing people like is a bit of prestige. By doing this, and making some of them outrageously difficult, it gives us a vehicle to recognize exceptional performers in a meaningful way, without handing out a trophy.

   So which feats are my favorite? Personally, I love Danger Close and The Cheese Stands Alone. I like them for how memorable a moment that is, and I like that we'll be able to give someone an object to help recall that moment with fondness, even if it wasn't a terrificly positive gaming moment!

So that is that, what are your thoughts on the Feats of Strength?

-Dragoon 6


  1. Thanks for all the hard work Dragoon!!! I know we spent many hours punching out the details of this on the phone. Hopefully the players embrace and appreciate these! I can't wait for Nov 4-6!!!!


  2. Man that sounds great! Maybe next year I can plan to go and play in the open since no qualifiers are down here in Florida!

  3. Or we could rise up and get a qualifier here in FL!

  4. Feast of blades, coming to a FLGS near you!

    1. I like the fourth photo in here because imagine seeing a strong and beautiful woman lifting a very heavy car like that I'd get so crazy seeing something like that.