Tuesday, October 18

Chaos Greater Daemon Part 1

Well Its almost fall time again and that always makes everyone think Halloween.

Since you cant have Halloween without Daemons I thought I would continue with some inside looks of one of my favorites.

First I have to say I missed out on the early pics of this one so you will have to forgive me a bit.

The basic story is that when the newest edition of the Chaos dex came out I knew I wanted to make a Greater Daemon to fill the generic HQ slot. So I grabbed up a plastic giant fig from the fantasy section.

In addition I had some some of the flames from the base of a few Balrog kits to make the fur patches on the legs, arms and back.

Chaos chains and bits to make the belt, the left hand fingers are from Possessed arms.

Note the legs, they start out almost completely covered in cloth on the original model.

As for the head, I used the dragon skull that is part of the weapons the giant comes with.

And a possessed arm for the tongue.

Back side needed something so I used an extra Balrog whip. It starts as a triple ended whip so I carved off two of them and heated up the remaining part and bent it to fit.

Some close ups.

Lots of places to practice my green stuff skills on this one.

The legs are the best example. Building up the knees and ankles was a real pain.

The end result worked out after much back and forth.

Next up, this guy goes to the paint station.



  1. I would hate to run into this guy in a dark alley.

    Great conversion work, especially the Green stuff work


  2. Awesome conversion work- can't wait to see it painted. I'm not sure if the harder-edged head and the softer body work well together, but we'll see about that after the painting.

  3. Awesome!!!!!
    That is going to be epic when its painted

  4. Very nice and kinda Tzeentchian. I like it!

    1. those figures are awesome!! I bought some plastic figures of a famous anime show and I painted them and sold them later!