Tuesday, February 1

Storm Raven list

A friend of mine and I were talking about the new storm raven model that is coming out soon.  Which obviously got us talking about the merits of the unit in general.  As I normally do I went home and started working up a list in my head that focused the Raven heavily.... Below is the list I wrote up.  It isn't entirely perfect and has yet to be playtested, but here it is none the less.

- Chaplain (goes in Storm Raven 2)

- 9 death Company (attatch Chaplain here)
  - 3x power weapon, 2x power fist
- 10 Assault Marines (Assault Support)
  - 2x melta gun, power weapon, Rhino
- 10 Assault marines (Defense Support)
  - 2x melta gun, power weapon, Rhino

- 5 Th/SS termies
- Furioso
  - Talons and Heavy Flamer (Goes with Terminators)
- Furisoso
  - Blood Fists and Heavy Flamer (Goes with Death Company)

Fast Attack
- Baal Predator
 - Sponson Heavy Bolters
- Baal Predator
 - Sponson Heavy Bolters

Heavy Support
- Storm Raven
 TL Multi Melta, TL Lascannon
- Storm Raven
 TL Multi Melta, TL lascannon

Im thinking of taking out the Baal predators and putting in 2 pairs of MM attack bikes and a Scout biker squad with melta bombs... thoughts?

I would love to see some comments regarding this army.  Storm Ravens are interesting models, and not to be underestimated... What are your thoughts?


  1. I run 3 Ravens...quite effectively.

    My 1850 list is:
    Reclusiarch PF, Meltabomb
    DC x5 PW/Boltp
    Furioso Talon, HF
    Stormraven TLPlasC, TypML, SSHurB, EA

    RAS (no JP)x10 Flamer, Meltagun ; Sgt PW
    Stormraven TLLasC, TypML, SSHurB, EA

    RAS (no JP)x10 Flamer, Meltagun ; Sgt PW
    Stormraven TLLasC, TypML, SSHurB, EA

    Speeder MM/HF
    Speeder MM/HF

    The EA is critical on the Ravens.
    If you need to control back objective, CS the RAS.
    Also, the most critical tactic I have found to use with the Ravens is ALL Reserve, no matter the deployment, mission or 1st or 2nd turn.

    You will need the Alpha Strike from the Ravens and then they should be moving 12" and firing everything once the Bloodstrikes have been unleashed.
    I let loose everything the turn they come in and wreck up to 6 vehicles with the Ravens and 2 with the Speeders. Then move in for Assault, and support fire with the LasC or PlasC and Defensive TypML and SSHurB. Remember they can still move flatout and fir PotMS.

    The Rec DC will go through any unit they hit albeit non-walker and then sometimes even then.

    I wrote up a Tactica on my blog last year when I was first using the 3 Ravens list.
    The psychological factor for first-timers against the 3 Ravens is almost a win by itself.

    If they deploy on the board and you use the move 24" and then shoot assault next turn you will most likely lose 1 or 2 of the Ravens.

    I have played over 100 games with the Ravens, whether it is 1, 2 or 3 and 3 is a hard list to tackle. The only really bad loss for me was against 9 Hive Guard and I deployed, he stole...otherwise they wreck Razorback spam, Mech IG, Orks KFF Mech/Horde, Nids MC/Horde, JP's, Pods...

    I sometimes swap out the Speeders for a Flame Baal..I have found I like the Speeders much better.

    It is a rough list to take to a tourney and you will need plenty of practice as it a FINESSE list. I don't really play the list casually as it is mean to the opponent who is not running a tournament quality list.

  2. I was just discussing the use of Storm Ravens in either a 1850/2000 or a 2500 'Ard Boyz style list with Cruor yesterday. I always bring my "eureka!" lists to as a reality check... and after he has effectivly dashed my dreams on the rocks of reality, we develop some sort of working list.
    I'll agree with sandmand, any list with a Storm Raven focus needs finesse. One issue I have with this list is it's lack of troops, with only two each. The loss of either cripples your chances at objective based games. In my experience a RAS with SP is hugely effective at dropping units on the charge, and can capture OBJ. Don't get me wrong, I love a good DC or Term TH&SS squad.
    One thing me and Cruor could agree on is that the optimum list would include 2 Ravens with a mechinized support much like Dukes army (but with a RAS in place of one or both of the hammer units). I'll work a list and post it on here shortly.
    Still not convinced that a SR list can be tourny worthy, but I still plan on building a few for fun.

  3. I have taken into consideration what you guys said and Ill be posting up a new list soon... All I cam say is that scouts make a comeback!


  4. 1. You're overspending on the DC's weapon upgrades. DC put out such a ridiculous number of attacks that you don't need a lot of upgrades for them to work.

    2. BA makes really good use of LC Termies thanks to Priests. S5 I5 rerolling wounds is really dangerous. I usually go 2 Hammer/3 Claws, but 3/2 is fine as well.

    3. Swapping a Furioso for a DC Dread is fine for freeing up a slot for a Priest. Fleet means that you can sometimes get into combat where a Furioso might not, which helps compensate for losing one off the front AV.

    4. You really want some long-range shooting to pack up your Stormravens. Every enemy unit you kill/shake is one less thing shooting your expensive, expensive planes.

    5. Chaplains are Elites choices for BA; maybe you meant Reclusiarch?

    Below 2K, running a pair of Stormravens is tricky- and having only one Stormraven is a big mistake. My list looks something like this:

    1 Librarian (Unleash, Sword) (In SR w/Termies)
    5 Assault Termies (2 TH/SS)
    1 Sanguinary Priest (in SR w/Termies)
    1 Furioso Dread
    5 ASM (Melta, Razorback w/LasPlas)
    5 ASM (Melta, Razorback w/LasPlas)
    5 ASM (Melta, Razorback w/LasPlas)
    10 Death Company, Lemartes (PFist)
    1 DC Dread
    1 Stormraven (MM, Las, Extra Armor)
    1 Stormraven (MM, Las, Extra Armor)

    I think that's slightly over 1850, so you'd probably have to cut the Meltaguns on the ASM, maybe drop a guy from the DC. Lemartes is kinda a personal choice- I like having a Chaplain that can't be singled out in CC and ends up getting six S6 attacks on the charge. You could easily drop the Librarian and run a Reclusiarch instead of Lemartes, though. If you have spare points, Magna-Grapple on the Dreads would be nice. If you go first you start on the board and come in shooting, if you go second everything reserves and you hope to get in close enough that you can assault even if they wreck your SRs.

    Your assault units out of the Stormraven are rather weak, and aside from them you've got basically nothing. Three Lascannon shots could basically end your entire army, which seems like a bad idea. Three Stormravens never works, in my opinion- at 2K it's more points than you can afford, at 2500 there's just too many guns on the table.

  5. IN my new list I dumped the DC all together... I like the new list and will likely post it up in a day or two.


  6. @Abusepuppy
    I run 3 SR's in most lists from 1500-2500.
    They aren't designed for assault but rather gunships. By Reserve Deployment and limiting the number of turns the opponent is shooting me, they survive more games than not.
    In the meta of Orks, SM/BA/DA/BT, IG, Eldar, WH/DH and Nids at my LGS they are highly effective.

    To run 3 SR's is a FINESSE game and you have to take risks...BA can and does outshoot Mech IG.

    I have many tourneys under my belt with 3 SR's and still going strong.

  7. Stormravens are terrible gunships. For 200pts, you get a Multimelta, a Lascannon, and some one-shot missiles.

    For 200pts.

    I can buy a lot of Razorbacks with Assault Squads or Rhinos for that many points, and they'll shoot better.

    I can buy almost two full Dev squads with Missiles for that price. Eight Missile Launchers or two shots? Doesn't seem like a tough choice.

    I don't know who is shooting what at your Stormravens, but if the opponent can't wreck one AV12 vehicle with 4+ cover, what on earth is wrong with them? What do they do when faced with six or ten Chimera hulls all layered up?

    Everyone says their army is a "finesse" army. No one ever says "Yeah, my army is easy to play and I'm pretty dumb," it's always "Oh, sure, it looks terrible, but if you have elite skills and masterful tactics you can win with it." A good general can win with any army- the point is to make a strong army and give it to a strong general rather than to handicap oneself with a suboptimal one.

    Seems tough to get two good Dreads and two good assault units without using Death Company. Assault Terminators fill one Elite slot, Furioso fill the other two and then you have no room for a Priest, and you really, really want a Priest to make those guys S5I5 on the charge.

  8. My other Storm Raven isn't an assault boat, it is a gunship. But Ill post that up later.

    On another note sometimes I learn more with terrible armies than I do with an ultra-internet-build. I really think if someone wants to build around a theme or a central idea then so be it... Just play it well and don't whine if your losing... I love seeing themed lists. For exmaple, the list Im putting up tonigith or tomorrow is an Alpha- Strike Blood Angels list, it does one thing, and if it doesn't do that thing well, game over for me... But if I do it well then It will dominate. Such is the nature of the list. But I know it going in.