Monday, February 7

Fun with the RogueTrader Rulebook

Not too long ago I decided to get out my copy of the Rogue Trader Rule book and give it a little read.  The greatest thing about this book is all of the weird fluff that is no longer present, not to mention the little things that Mr. Awesome, aka Rick Priestly would put in the book as side jabs.  Im going to do an ongoing article on cool little thing I find in here, comment away if you have seen anything you want to mention.

1. The pages aren't numbered, but in the Equipment section under "musket," Rick describes Birmingham..."Birmingham -aka the Black Planet- receives almost no light and as a result no-one wants to go there.  Its inhabitants have become linguistically and culturally isolated."  Sounds like he really doesn't think too highly of his neighboring city, lol.

2. "The presence of a group of savages in the imperial army may encourage overall discipline and loyalty."

3. "Land raiders of differing designs are built by planetary governors and some aliens."... WHAT! Aliens have Land Raiders! soo many fluff bunnies are going to be pissed, lol

And my personal Favorite:

The Legions Astartes- "Young recruits are subjected to many hours of intensive training and indoctrination, leading to physical and mental changes."  Really? many hours! Holy moly batman... I didn't know it was that hard.  So the schedule looks like this?

8:00-12:00 indoctrination
12:-13:30 Lunch (it is a little longer cause their hungry from all the surgery)
13:30- 17:30 Intense training (Mental Changes...I think they play Jenga)
17:30-19:00 Dinner (again, still hungry)
19:00-21:00 intense training (Physical Changes... FSM?, lol!)

anyhow, that is it for now... Hope you enjoyed this little piece of history.

What are some of the gems you remember from this book?



  1. Hey Duke; ever notice it's "Rogue Trader", not Rouge trader?

  2. What? I isn't spell anything wrong! (went in a changed it) btw, I don't make errors... I just provider opportunities for lesser mortals to feel better.

    Seriously though thanks for the catch.


  3. I counted 3 blogs TODAY that made that same typo. Pretty common mistake.

  4. Musket is page 73 - numbers are up the top edge of the page.

    One of my favourites is in the section on the Eye of Terror at the back the street scene with the mercs (including a Squat with a Batman t-shirt) has Bob's Country Bunker from the Blues Brothers in the background (page 226).
    The other would be the staff group portrait on page 260.

  5. Just looked at that one! Awesome! Gotta love this book...

  6. Not background so much, but pages 260-261 is a 2-page art spread which I guess is the team behind the book. It's a nice touch.

    Blanche and Thorpe did a similar thing with the Inquisitor book years later, with Blanche creating artwork of 41st millennium of the two men to accompany their designer notes.

  7. I still enjoy a good perusal through the Rogue Trader book. It makes me miss the good ole days and reminds me of something a guy once told me. "Things aren't like they used to be, and they probably never were". I remember because the guy generally wasn't that deep.