Wednesday, February 23

Mac-daddy Storm Raven

Sorry everyone for not posting in a little bit, My time has almost 100% been dedicated to the Feast of Blades Tournament.   I have, however, been working a little here and there on my Blood Angels Storm Raven... In fact, I have done quite a bit of custom work on the thing.  Want some pics? Here ya go.

Mostly,  I casted some Green stuff to make it look like the Angels had once again over-embellished their vehicles.  Obviously, I removed the center turret and moved the air intake back a bit to accommodate the fresco.  The lascannons are currently slung under the wing, though I really do like how my buddy over at zen 40k did his lascannons as sponsons... Of corse, those doors would look pretty slick with more frescos! lol.

I case anyone is wondering, I currently run my raven with 5 th/ss termies and 1 Furioso dread with blood Talons, it has worked decently so far... But hasn't really been put through the rack.

Hope you all like it, Ill post some painted pics soon.


Left Wing Detail

Right Now

Fuselage Detail

Full picture.


  1. Looks cool. What is the depth on the panels though? It looks as if they are about 1/4" thick. Personally I don't like the details looking as if they were put on thick sheet metal and then bolted on rather than coming out of the armor itself.

  2. I'm with Tyler, it's a shame the sculpts look so thick, but they look soo very nice. Although, if you're going to do more of that, I recommend grey stuff, 40 dark, 60 light mix. You'll get much better results.
    It's going to look awesome painted though, I can't wait to see.

  3. Outstanding. The depth is probably less of an issue than it seems. The stormraven's a chunky model anyway, but the edges of the greenstuff could be levelled up and a step frame added around to help the panels blend in.

  4. i guess the obvious question is how did you make the panels? You said you casted the green stuff? What was your source mold?

  5. I touched up the green stuff some more and took my airbrush to it, pics coming around soon.