Tuesday, February 15

Thoughts on the Grey Knight Rumors

So as I have been looking over the rumor threads at Warseer and the Bols Lounge I have begun to think about how the GK codex is coming together and how it will all work... Now, this is assuming that the rumors are true and that there are no changes to said rumors once the book comes out...

1. Must take a vindicare:
With so many psychic powers in your army, you will have to shut down any hoods/ njal that the enemy has.  This should be a pretty easy task for a vindicarewith his AP1 sniper rifle, even a SS librarian will be feeling the pain once he loses his shield thanks to the Shield Breaker ammo.  And then takes 2 wounds the next turn from Turbo penetrator ammo. Its like a 1-2 punch.

2. Holy crap Paladins!
 This is one of those things that sounds really great when we don't know exactly how the rules are going to balance, or how the total cost will finally sit.  But I can tell you right now that there is going to be a lot of rage about 2+/2++ FNP, 2 wound terminators who score thanks to the Grand Master.   If this unit is able to be kitted out like this they will really represent the Custodes! If the costs I hear are right (55 pts each, 75 for apoth) then a five man squad could look like this (5 guys with warding staves and apoth = 475.) plus transport in a Landraider (725 points!) and that isn't including a Grand Master to come with who is likely another 125-150.

3. tarpit v 2.0
 Inquisitor Coteaz can take storm shield armed Dudes who can now sit on objectives... Depending on cost, these will likely be the tarpits of the army.  But more interesting is the ability to make other inquisitorial (non GK) types scoring as well.  This is a vital thing that I think GK will need... Cheap troops to sit back and provide some support... The only question is how affordable will it be if you have to buy the Inquisitor too?

4. Grey Knight Strike squad = the new Eldar jetbikes?
 So the plan is simple, sit here and wait... Not getting shot at while a librarian is casting shrouding giving you a 3+ cover save if your in terrain.  Then at the las minute you use your teleporters to move 30" in one tunr and contest/ capture the objectives.  Sneaky little guys.

5. JOTWW flamer template! awesome! And this can be taken by GK grandmasters...

6.  Grand Masters
With that said, I feel that Grand Masters will be the go to HQ choice,  They can cast psychic powers at lvl 2 (two per turn?)  and they can do one of a handful of things 1. make unit scoring!(Paladins/ Dreadknight), 2. Reroll 1's all game...PALADINS REROLLING 1's!!! (Hello broken). 3. Counter attack USR, not bad 4. Scout... Nice!

Well that is all I have for now... But seriously, how good do you think a unit is that has 10 wounds, 2+/2++ and can reroll 1's has Feel No pain, power weapons and could also be scoring! Would you pay 700+ points for that unit in a Landraider?



  1. Few things wrong here. Fist is the Paladin pts. They ar 55pts, it costs +25 pts for a 2++ EACH and to get FNP its an UPGRADE, making the apoc 120pts alone. They will be horrendously expensive but certainly good fun (maybe not for you're opponent lol).

    Grand Masters are likely to be 150-175pts.

    The re rolls is to wound in combat only not all 1's that would be crazy lol!

    This is ofcourse according to the rumours, so still not 100%

    Im looking forward to my 1000+ pt unit of Paladins xD Should be a laugh :P

  2. Assuming all the rumors are true, you could see that 1000 point Paladin squad... I am tempted to run one just for giggles.

    If the "ones," is only in combat then most likely I would want to give their land raider/ storm raven scout (Assuming you can), that would be awesome! turn one assault! lol.


  3. You don't need all of the paladins to have 2+/2++. You run them like nobz/TWC - diverse wargear so you can just dump wounds on the 2++ and 2+ guys as appropriate.

    The question in my mind is whether running Draigo plus two squads of ten is really doable. It'd be insane for KP missions (3 KPs at 2k points!), and I can't imagine that they'd have trouble taking and holding objectives. *shrugs*

    Another possibility is running Draigo, two squads of 7 Paladins, and three dreadknights. More KPs, but they're all tough kills... and scoring.