Friday, February 25

Grey Knights: Are we overreacting?

Ok, so the "leak," has been out in the internet for a while now and it seems like everyone and their mother either has a copy, or has a friend who does.  Im not going to go into whether or not the leak is an actual Codex, but from everything I have seen it seems like it is a play-test codex, the only question is what point during the play testing was that particular one.  That said, I feel most of the rules will remain the same, with some changes to things like points tweaks, and force org movement.

Anyhow, what I wanted to talk about is how we seem to overreact to rumors when they come out...

"OMFG-WTF-BROKEN!!!" Im sure we have all heard this when a codex is about to release.  Everyone thought that deep-striking Blood Angel Land Raiders would break everything, who seriously ever does that?  Trygons and Valks were supposed to break the game, because they are "apoc." units in regular 40k... Well, they did change the meta game a little (Valks more so) but it didn't break the game. I Shouldn't even go into how much people whined about Storm ravens!

Remember this? 
Seriously though, Grey Knights are going to be cool, and each guy will have abilities on top of abilities with all the tools to beat your face in... But there isn't going to be many of them. Seriously, a squad of 10 Grey Knights with 2 psycannons in a Rhino is supposed to be something like the cost of 10 points more than a Land Raider!  While 5 guys in a Razorback is still the Price of a Baal Predator with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsons.

And that was just the troops... What happens when we start talking elite slots?
- Purifiers can get expensive coming in at about 10 points less than a Raider for just 10 without a transport!
- Paladins could become the one of most expensive squad in the game (if not the most expensive!)

Bring some of this if your planning on playing Grey Knights

Some people suggest that the new builds might be Inquisitorial Henchmen armies, and that may well be, but if your going to run what is essentially a guard army, then run guard...

I am personally going to be running a Grey Knights army.  Im either going to do a pure Custodes army, or a Grey Knights army with an attached Custodes ed contingent.  Either way, the army is going to be small and elite... Which is fine by me.

All in all I simply hope that the codex is more like Dark Eldar than Imperial Guard... What I mean is that I hope that the codex causes a slight shift in the meta game and increases diversification in tournament appearances.  If this is the case, then I would consider the codex a screaming success.

What are your thoughts on the codex? Overpowered or no?



  1. "Trygons and Valks were supposed to break the game (...) it didn't break the game. (...) Storm ravens!"

    I think those 3 examples are a good example of game-breaking. My definition of game-breaking is a little different though... I don't think they are overpowered, but they are just... too much. It shows the shift toward bigger, badass-er units, and it worries me. Seeing everyone run 5-men (or less) units inside transports was ridiculous enough, but GW's tendancy to make even bigger minis each release is really starting to kill that game for me. Seriously, what's next ? Titans in a normal game ?

  2. As a Grey Knight player, I'm obviously going to say people are crying when they shouldn't. I'm also a bit upset with the current state of the leaked codex, so you might just stop listening now.

    There are no real anti-tank options for an army without putting it all on your vehicles or taking an Inquisitor in an HQ slot (or probably two). Relying all on your vehicles is bad because chances are, that won't be enough. I'm probably just whining here myself. I guess I'll have to look at Razorbacks for anti-tank now...

  3. @ Anon: titanzzzzzz! Though I see your point, I half agree and half not. I ink for the most part these models are great on the tabletop, the only one I thnk I don't like is the valk, and only because it has "scout," usr... Lame!

    @ Michael: great point! The army id really weak with regards to anti tank. Grey knights can't take melta or missle, sure the psycannon is supposed to be St 7 but that is only good vs transports, what to do with a land raider?! A lot of people are pointing at the henchmen in chimera with melta to deal with tanks, but they take up a valuable elite slot unless you take coteaz, ya! Lastly, pele are saying that the dread knight will mess up tanks, but ask any tyrannic player how he liked chasing after tanks t "mess them up," it isn't so easy... Like I said, i think it will be a cool codex, with its own flavor, bu pele need to stop Internet-whining about hoe broken it is... Not to mention the fact that it might not even be real! Lol


  4. Ps... Sorry about the typos, I type/spell like crap when I post from my phone/iPad.

  5. I could be wrong, but I believe Henchmen do not take up an elites spot, but you need to take an Inquisitor out of the HQ lot to take one squad. And you need 1 inquisitor/squad, unless you take Coteaz.

  6. I'm excited about the new codex. A hot drop of 2 strike squads, with a pair of dreads, by a pair of Mini-hawks, backed up by a pair of termintor squads popping in. THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!