Wednesday, February 9

Terrain Tutorial Desert Mesa Cont.

  As part of my Terrain tutorial on the Desert Mesa table I have an update.  It has actually been a few weeks since I have been able to do anything with this terrain mostly because of Grad School taking up so much time recently.  Anyhow, today I am focusing on what to do once you have glued the sand to the terrain the first time and how you make sure it doesn't go anywhere.

First, you want to get some cheap glue... I used Wood glue until I ran out, then I switched to this white glue stuff... Once you have a good amount of glue go to step two (I had the equivalent of two of these bottles to do 18 sq ft of terrain.)
Once the glue is all ready mix it in a container you don't care about, like this one... Keep adding water slowly until you get a milk like substance.  I like it to be a little bit thick, but some prefer it thinner, it is personal preference, imho.
This is before I did any of the glue work... Notice that there are some parts of the terrain that the glue didn't stick to.  I am fine with that.  Do not add more sand when your putting on the top layer because it will flake off later without another top layer.
This is the after picture once the terrain has been covered in the glue mixture.  This is almost dry at this stage.  All of your terrain pieces will have this coloring to them, but don't worry, the next stage is painting.

Well that is all for now, any comments or questions? What terrain would you like to have me do next? I need a lot more pieces for Feast of Blades in November, so hit me with your best ideas.


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