Saturday, February 5

Storm Raven Alpha Strike List

First things first... This is a momentum based list.  I am well aware of the risks in this list, that said if the momentum is with me there wouldn't be much stopping this list. Anyhow, here it is.

- Librarian
  - Blood Lance, Fear the Darkness.

 - Asssault Squad: 5 men
  - Melta gun, infernus pistol
  - Drop pod

 - Assault squad: 5 men
  - Razorback
    - Las Plas

 - Assault Squad: 5 men
  - Razorback
   - Las Plas

- Assault Squad: 5 men
 - Razorback
  - Las Plas

- Scout Squad

- 5 th/ss terminators
- Furioso
 - Heavy flamer

Fast Attack:
- Baal Predator
 - Sponson Heavy Bolters

- Land Speeder typhoon

- Scout Bikers
 - Melta gun
 - Melta bombs

Heavy Support:
- Storm raven
 - Typhoon Missles, TL Las cannon,

- Storm Raven
 - Multi Melta, Assault Cannon, Extra armour

- Predator
 - Autocannon, Lascannon sponson

Total: 2000

As I said, this is an Alpha Strike list meant to destroy the enemy in the first turn before they can respond. Here is how it goes down. (a note, this is assuming I get first turn... If not the tactic changes a lot.)

- Baal Predator- flat out and pop smoke, this should get those assault cannons in range of some nice squishy side armor.
- Scout Bikers - Turbo boost, this allows them to move 24" which should put them in striking distance of key targets

Turn 1:
- Tyhpoon storm raven unleashes all missles (4 blood strike and 2 typhoon) and lascannon on 2 targets (POTMS)
- Melta Storm raven turbo boosts for the cover save, meltas one target (Potms) (Dread pops smoke)
- Drop pod comes down, Melta gun and infernus pistol on assault squad hit a target.  If possible Blood Lance hits several tanks in a line... If I can only hit one the use Fear of the Darkness on any troops which have been disembarked from other shooting.
- Typhoon Land speeder opens up
- Baal predator moves and shoots on the side armor.. If it doesn't have to move then just fires H.bolters too
- Lascannons on Razrobacks open up. (3 targets)
- Scout Bikers move, then shoot the melta at a tank, then if it is still alive they assault the tank, since the tank hasn't moved the bikers auto hit on the rear armor with melta bombs.  If the tank is destroyed they try to double assault the passengers and another tank to melta bomb it.

That is effectively 11 different targets that I can open up on in the first turn plus whatever Blood Lance can get.  Like I said it is an alpha strike... I know that it has its inherent weaknesses of a "FIRE," list, but I want to hear what you all think.



  1. -The drop pod squad seems rather out of place with the rest of the shooting. Drop pods could have some synergy with Stormravens, but either go all-in or don't.

    -Autolas Predators have never really felt efficient to me. I guess some people like them, but I'm not a fan. I think a pair of Typhoon Speeders would do a lot better job of bringing must-kill guns.

    -Scout Bikers have absolutely no place in this list. You should never, ever, ever deep strike a Stormraven and nothing else really needs to be guided in.

    -You really want a Priest to go with those Terminators. All TH/SS is nice, but against things like Orks and Termagants you'll really regret it; even just with regular units they'll always get a couple chance to pick off a dude before you can swing. FNP helps this a lot, and having some Lightning Claws do so even more.

    -If you aren't filling your Stormravens, you're wasting them. You really need another Dreadnought and another high-strength assault squad (Terminators, Sanguine Guard, Vanguard Vetrans, Honor Guard).

    -Stormravens aren't shooting platforms. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, they can put out some pretty okay shooting, but remember you're AV12 and only have two real guns for a 200pt unit. Remember what you're good at and do that first, don't spend points on side gimmicks. (Hurricane Sponsons are fine if you have the points, but don't take Typhoon. TL Multimelta is a must, Lascannon is my preferred second, but Plasma has its upsides.)

  2. 1. The drop pod squad drops in with 2 meltas and a blood lance... That will ruin castle formations. If no targets present themselves, I come in on an objective.

    2. I am filled in fast attack slots, if I drop the predator what do you suggest I take with 135 points to support the army.

    3. Your exact point is why I love my scout bikers... They are there to get a first turn assault against a vehicle that hasn't moved with melta bombs. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!

    4. No raven is empty. One has scouts one has terms and a dread. Though I am not sold on the gunship raven vs the assault raven I want to try it.

    5. That is why i have the bloodtalon dread with the termies. I assaulted a 30 man boys squad with that combo and wiped them to 6 men in one combat then ran them off the table. The dread covers the weaknesses of the terms and vice versa

    You have some points that I am considering implementing. I'll update any changes in a little bit...


  3. 1. Two Meltaguns and a Lance is not going to ruin a castle formation- you would need WAY more firepower than that and, at the very least, some flamers or other area weapons. You're putting ~250pts into a unit that will kill one thing, maybe hit another, and then get shot off the board because it only has seven wounds.

    2. Well, dropping the Scout Bikers is a good way to get another slot. The Baal is a little iffy as well, but can work. Other than that? Devs. They're a much more point-efficient (but fragile) shooting unit. You want to get maximum firepower without worry for survivability when running Stormravens, because every shot that goes at something else isn't a shot hitting the SR.

    3. Only bad players are going to fall for this. It's a gimmick, and one that doesn't work unless you get first turn. There's nothing wrong with going for an alpha-strike, but you're setting yourself up for horrible losses anytime you go second or have them steal the initiative.

    4. If it's carrying Scouts, it may as well be empty. You pay a premium for a Fast Assault transport. Why are you not using that to deliver something nasty to the enemy? You can try a gunship 'Raven if you want, but make sure you compare it to 230+ pts of other shooting units. Two squads of Missile Devs go a long way.

    5. That helps, but you want to be hitting as many targets as possible (and there will be times when the enemy is assaulting you- presumably the other Boyz jumped in after you wiped out one squad?) Mixing TH/SS and LC lets you cover your own weakness with a single squad, freeing the Dread to engage other targets.

  4. As someone who runs Razorwolves from 1850-2500pts I have learn you to have the crippling alpha strike you really need what seems like an obsesive amount of firepower. I am not sure you have it in this list. However I really agree with finding a way to take two stormravens.

  5. I am inclined to agree with Abuse Puppy. Nothing about this list seems scary to me. At 2K you have only what 25ish warm bodies? None of which are kitted out to hold objectives? Only one unit with more than armor 12? The scout bikers are going to be less than useless in 90+% of your games and the scout laden Raven isn't really pulling its weight. Plus you are sending in your only psychic defense as a suicide unit? What happens to that squad when you face off against another Librarian? Or Eldar with Runes? Or a Wolf player? Or Shadow of the Warp? Any one of those things will make that unit worthless at least 50% of the time.

  6. I know this list has it's weaknesses... I'm not trying to build a perfect list, just more of a fun themed list. I would love suggestions on what you all think is a decent list with ravens.

  7. "I would love suggestions on what you all think is a decent list with ravens."

    Sorry I seem to always look with that competitive mindset. I don't know how to use the Ravens yet, but I think that using two is going to be the key.