Monday, August 1

40K Change Up, Wife (Army) Swap Edition!

Welcome to another stop on the long road I like to call the 40K Change Up!
Today I am going to pitch another radical idea that is intended to separate the fluffies from

the "Wack Masters" And perhaps bring some fun into your regular end of the month game.

I present to you 40K Wife Swap!!!

I proposed this event long ago and had forgotten about it, but recently it came up again and now I'm putting it up on the block for you all to have at.

What is it?

Some time ago a bunch of us got to talking about having an event where we brought an army to enter, then put our names in a hat and drew to see what we would play. After discussing it a bit we came up with a few basic ideas and now it is time to see what happens.

How does it work?

Each player brings an army with 4 printed lists.
(using a program that builds army lists is a must!)

Players then put their army name into a hat and pull for the list they will play for 3 games.

The first round is then pulled at random, after that players are matched according to battle points. After players have their army for the day we take some time to confer with the owner about the list and how to use it.

What if I draw my own army?

If you do then you must return it and draw again. If you draw last and your army is the only one in the hat then you get to pick an army that someone else has and roll off for it. If you win the roll players switch, if you don't you must pick another and roll for it as before.

Who can play?

This is a day of someone using your figs so we are asking experienced gamers who are serious and respect others models. You must bring fully painted figs so that everyone is on the same level, and besides we all like to see good looking army's on the board. You also need to bring your codex, 4 printed lists and your personal stuff like dice.

What kind of list should I bring?

Bring something you would play. Crazy trick combos might be hard for someone else to understand, so try and keep to some standard stuff.

Use your best judgment here.

What are the missions?

Missions will be random from the main rule book. Its fair, and everyone should have a good idea of what to do allowing them to focus on the army they just got.

What are the points?

Lists should be built to the modified FOC and not over 1250 points.

If you fill the FOC and still have points to spend players my take extra TROOPS.

What is the scoring?

As we assume that all players will get a perfect 10 for Sportsmanship, we will not be scoring sports.

As we will be playing lists built by someone else there will be no Comp score as well.

This leaves us with Battle points only.

What is the entry fee?

This is the best part, we are looking for experienced players who have fully painted forces so it is easy to assume we all have a bunch of extra bitz around right? So the entry fee is one hand full of bitz! This is subjective and meant to be a test of your personal standards, please bring what you can and make it interesting. Don't bring 15 marine backpacks, bring some stuff you might want to get.

What is the prize support?

This is the next best thing, winner takes all!

All the bitz that is!!!

As players enter all bitz go into a giant container to wait for a new home.

Think of the massive bunch of crazy things you might end up with, and the more we have playing the bigger the prize so tell your friends.

Why would I want to do this?

First, because you love this game. Its great fun to try something new that you might not know much about. And you might be surprised at what you can do with a different force.

Second, this is a generals game.

If you can win with a list that someone else built you are truly a 40K champ.

Last, think of the pile of stuff you might take home!

Who will judge this?

Its up to the players involved in each game to come to a respectable decision about rules questions. If an argument arises players will roll off and move on. We are all fair, good players and are here to prove it, not nit-pick every last thing.

This is meant to be fun first and for most, lets enjoy it.

And remember players are using a army that they might not know a thing about. We will all need to be considerate of others and the mistakes they might make.

Surprise ending!

The person who made the winning list could get the store credit prize at the end.

This would throw a curve ball to all the people who made the worst lists they could come up with just to sink other players.

There you have it, a fun and different way to play the same game you have been playing for years. Play some good games with a random army and win some prizes, make a list that can win no matter who plays it and win again.

At the end of the day this could be something that could be real fun with the right group of friends and open some players up to new tactics and entire new forces.

I know I would try it.

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  1. Nice idea. Though I'd change it in one way:
    Swap the army with your current opponent, not for the entire tournament to one person (at least this is how I understood your idea). And in the final game you play your own list. By having to play your own list, you somewhat ensure that the lists aren't completly wacky (even if the persons involved are "mature" and make mainly reasonable lists).