Friday, August 19

Total Purification for Feast of Blades (Making purity seals)

Ding, Ding, Ding...Round three of awards for Feast Of Blades is here.

This one is the most ambitious project yet and by far the most involved.

Lets take a look at the process of creating 150 purity seals for this years tournament.

(Duke here)  Im going to jump in and tell everyone what these purity seals are actually for.  At Feast of Blades we like giving stuff away to lots and lots of people.  This year we have initiated a program called "Feats of strength," we modeled it based off the achievements systems used on XboX, here is the run down:

Lets say you are a few bad losses in and you know there is no way you can win best overall, well if you pay attention during your games you could still leave with a handful of these to put all over your bag. Here is a few examples: (May be open to change)
1. Red ring of death: Kill 10 models with a single unit in one shooting phase or assault phase.
2. Invulnerable: Any unit or model makes 10 consecutive saving throws
3. Untouchable: Finish a game above 75% strength (determined by Kill Points)
4. Divided attention: Score all bonus battle points in an event.
5. Tactical acumen: Win three consecutive games in any event in one day.
6. Do something that makes the Judges or the TO say "wow," i.e. Guardsman betting Mephiston in combat and running him down.

Ok, now that you understand the system, lets get back to swags and his beautiful work *Cracks whip*

First thing to do is find some suitable icons for theses guys and mount them on 40mm bases.

Then its on to some green stuff to make the raised wax ring around the outside.

When that's set up, its off to the mold. Tick tock, tick tock...and 6 hours later.

Now the fun is about to start, I make the first set. Then a second set of three.

Now I put them in molds and create a total of nine so I can speed up the process.

Remember were doing 150 of these right!

And its working.

Duke: Yo Swags, lets get some things on those things so we can pin them on things.

Me: Sounds easy.

Three hours later...

You wanted them in red right? Please tell me you wanted red.

Duke: Instead of one tail, I think we should two on each one.

Me: Sure no problem. (Inside, Yea no problem for you, who does this guy think he is?)

Ok 300 tails! All I had to do was create the art, apply the logo, get 25 sheets of transfer paper, print it, iron it to the material, hang them all and coat in glue mix.

(Inside: I'm starting to dislike your fancy ideas Duke.)

For quick reference here is a 1 gallon bag of purity!

It looks small in the pic but go get a gallon bag and fill it to the top, its not.

Back to the task at hand, cutting 300 tails.

(Inside: Yea NO PROBLEM! Sure lets do 300 freaking tails, that wont kill me...Grumble, grumble...My finger hurt...Like Duke less and less now...)

Pay off!!! Well they do look good. And yes two tails are better than one for sure.

So happy with the end result I forget about cursing duke and we squeal like girls over how cool they are.

Love conquers all and the players at Feast will benefit.

I hope everyone will enjoy these as much as I did making them, it was quite fun!



  1. Great Idea for the seals. In the past I've used a seal that came on a particular type of cheese that I can't remember the name of now.

  2. I have to give major props to swags... These bad boys are amazing, I really feel things like this set feast of blades apart from other tournaments. Thanks swags, you evil-Mad-genius!


  3. Yo, thanks for that.

    This was a blast to do, the only sad part was sending them out and away.

    I cant wait to see what we have in store for next year.

  4. Yo, back in the day when we ran tournaments we used to have homemade purity seals. They were a lot simpler than yours which means they weren't nearly as cool looking as yours but it definitely does help that everybody feels like they get to walk away with something. Plus, having something home made makes it a little more special. Nice work on these. Wish I could get my hands on one, the people won't be disappointed.

  5. Great work man! Really want one!

  6. Warflake, I know where you can get one ;)