Monday, August 8

FOB Champions Awards

Duke here and before Swags goes into his post let me give you a little intro. For those of you who aren't in "the know,"  I am organizing a mega-super-awesome event known as "Feast of Blades," this event is an annual convention held in Denver with all the bells and whistles of any other convention (Weekend long gaming, multiple tournaments, demo games, vendors, etc.)  However our main-line tournament is the Invitational.  To qualify for the invitational you had to place 1st or 2nd in a RTT held at one of our 32 qualifier locations in 7 states.  Those 64 people are then pitched against each-other in a very competitive setting.  The big question I was having was, "How do we show the elite nature of the people who have qualified, and how do we let them show that to others?"  Well, folks we have solved the problem...

Every qualifier (Upon arriving in Denver) will receive a beautiful "Iron Cross with Skull and Circlet."  This is something that will become a symbol of the best of the best.  These will be given out ONLY to the qualifiers each year, there is NO OTHER way to get one, without beating up someone who has one. Long story short, if you see someone with this on their bag you know they are tough!

Now that we have described what it is lets show you how we made them!

*Take it away Swags*

This is where the real fun is! And I must say it was fun doing this project.

When Duke ask me to come up with a Crux for an award I really didn't know how I was going to pull it off. But he believed in my talents and pushed me to create something better than I even thought possible.

So lets start why not. First thing I did was to find a image, thanks Google your the best!

I used the photocopier to size the image up and then used spray mount to fix it to some "chip board" Next I cut it out with an x-acto blade.

After some cutting I then mounted it to a piece of foam core.

Using the original pieces I mapped out the outside circle.

And carefully cut it out. This is the part where you get a new blade on your knife.

When that was done I found some flat rings that were the perfect size to fit the image.

This was pure luck, I would have found something if these had not fit but I'm sure it wouldn't be as cool.

Then luck struck again, I just happened to have some flat chain that I was able to cut and fit to form the outer circle.

Why stop here with the luck roll, as it goes I also had a skull that fit perfect into the center.

All of these parts were attached with liquid super glue.

From here it was into the mold. After I had made 2 I put them into mold material and started casting them three at a time.

Here they are, dang that is some nice plastic!

Of course they needed to have "badge" pins attached to the back of them.

And on to the paint. This was a base of bright blue with a over spray of silver.

Finally they are ready to pack up ship to you champions of the battle field.

I hope you enjoy your awards, they will be a symbol of your triumphs for years to come.

Game on, Swags


  1. Damn, they are nice!
    To bad I live in Germany and can't just get over to join in the comp. Would have loved to get one.
    Got one of the Inquisitorial badges GW once produced at the official 2nd German Championship of GW, when it wasn't even named Throne of Skulls. And yes, I'm still wearing it with pride on my bag!

    Good luck to all in earning one of these and most important: have fun while doing so! ;-)

    Cheers Hendrik

  2. Yea, this is one of those things that makes me sad about being the TO. I can't legitimately earn one. Sure, I will have a few but it isn't the same.


  3. Fantastic work little brother - you are a true artist - I am so proud of you!!!

    Big Red

  4. Thanks guys, this was quite fun to do. Im sure those who get them will carry them around for some time.

    I cant wait to run into someone who has one at a tourny somewhere in the future.

    Thanks again to Duke for pushing me to do it!

  5. Thanks Big red, but I have to give all the artistic credit to swags... He is the true mad scientist.


  6. OK, now I understand Big Reds comment. He made the classic "Playboy" blunder, sometimes you need to read the articles and look at the pictures.

    Ha, So BUSTED!

  7. hey! AInt nothin' wrong with just lookin at the pictures.


  8. No Big Red really is your Big Sister you ninny "Swags"!!! That is why I said fantastic work "little brother" :-) Love ya!