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Feast of Blades: Pure of heart charity award.

Hey everyone, as I have covered before the Tournament I am running FEAST OF BLADES is running at full steam to get ready for November.  One of the main events on Friday night is the 'Charity team tournament.'  read on to hear about the event and the awards that go with it.

Through the hard work of the Feast of Blades Staff (thanks junkie) we have been able to secure the Wounded warrior project as our charity.  I, and many of my staff are prior service and when we were able to get the wounded warrior project onboard we were very excited.  

The entire team tournament will be in homage to the wounded warrior project, the missions will be based on it as well as the awards.  A portion of the event fees will go towards the charity and we will also be selling things like re-rolls and smoke screens to use in game for a small dollar donation which will go 100% to the charity.  Because this is a charity event we wanted to focus on people having fun and having a "pure heart," towards the event.  As such the prize support at this event isn't centered around winning, it is centered around other things (though you will get some goodies if you win). 

When we were talking about awards we could do for this event we wanted something to remind the players about what they were really doing and who this was going to.  When we first talked about the award we had some concerns about it looking too much like the real thing (the purple heart) and that it would be an insult to make something that looked like the real thing.  Because of this we talked to several Purple heart recipients and other veterans and we asked what their thoughts were on the subject.  We showed them pictures and told them about the event and such.  We are humbled to say that we received 100% support from all the noble veterans we spoke to. told us that in no way did they feel that this was an insult, but rather it was a homage ti the purple heart.  In fact many of them asked how they could donate to such a noble cause.  

One of these "Pure of heart awards," Will be given to EACH participant in the Wounded Warrior Charity Team Tournament.  We hope that it reminds everyone of the true sacrifices that actual soldiers go through.

With that let me turn it over to the MAD SCIENTIST behind the creation of these awards: SWAGS...

Ahh yes another award for Feast Of Blades!

This one is near and dear to my heart as it reminds me of my father, a Purple Heart recipient himself. So when Duke told me about the charity TT I jumped at the chance to do something to help.

Much like the "Iron Cross with skull and circlet," this one started with google images and a photocopier.

Again I used spray mount and cut the image out of chip board, then mounted it on some foam core.

After that I made a mold and cast up 2 or 3 in plastic. This is where the two projects differ, as I sculpted the plastic to create a much more detailed piece.

Then it was into the mold with the new "original" that was full of details that I couldn't do in paper and board.

After that your typical painting process.

And finally the finished product.

I was honored to be able to donate my time and skills to this and hope that it will help everyone remember our wounded veterans.

Thank you to all who have given so much, you are not forgotten.

Swags & Duke

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