Thursday, August 25

Help me ye old internet.

A couple posts ago I (and swags) showed you the latest and greatest awards for Feast of Blades (LINK).
Well, Today I am asking for the internets somewhat-wise-ness to help me decide which Feats of Strength we will actually use at the tournament.  First let me describe what feast of strength are.

Much like the achievement system for Xbox or Playstation we are going to give away some really sexy looking purity seals based on you doing some cool actions during your games of 40k and WHFB.  We want people to have reasons to continue playing throughout the weekend and also to be able to win cool stuff even though they aren't near the top of the pack.  I think it is a really cool and fun idea and if I was playing I would be keeping my eye out for opportunities for feats of strength throughout the weekend.

Here are the main points I want to think of when making these feasts of strength:

1.  I want people who are 'losing,' to be able to achieve a good portion of these (if they focus)
2.  I don't want this to encourage "baby seal clubbing," or make the person not receiving the award angry. 
3. These should be things that you can try to achieve, not random crap that just happened without your control.
4. I want them to be challenging to achieve, but not super difficult (Except God of War) and not too easy so that Im giving them out like candy.

That said I would like to have your opinions and thoughts on what achievements are good and which are not so good. If you have a good idea, Ill take those too, why not?!
*note: You can only earn each Feat of Strength once and once you earn it we will give you a purity seal*

Here are a few examples of ones I am looking at right now:

- Harbinger of death:
   - Have one unit cause 3 or more enemy units to fail morale checks in one game (including combat resolution)

- Strategic Genius:
   - Win the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and all battle points in three games throughout the weekend.

- God of War:
   -  Win the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and all battle points in ALL games throughout the weekend.

- Bloodied But Unbowed:
   - Suffer at least 75% casualties, and win your game (Scored by KP)

- Martyr:
  - Get tabled three times during the weekend.

- Won Them All:
  - Achieve at least a minor victory in every game throughout the weekend

- Where did they all go?
  - Finish a game with only one friendly unit (any strength) on the table.

- Better lucky than good:
 - TO and judges can hand this out based on hearing about things that required "great luck,"

- Escort:
 -  Run two units off the table by not allowing them to regroup because of an enemy in 6"

This is all that I have for now, but I would like to know what you think.



  1. Great idea BTW.

    OK here are my best:

    "Double KO"
    Enemy HQ's kill each other in CC at the same time.

    "Brass Knukles"
    Have a singls unit claim 4 KP's in CC in a single game.

    "Sure Shot"
    Have a single unit claim 4 KP's from shooting in a single game.

    I like all the ones you have up allready, this is gonna be fun for sure.

  2. OK, let's see if we can go through these.

    Harbinger of Death: reasonable, if sufficiently rare.
    Strategic Genius/God of War - these people are probably winning Best General/Best Overall if they're maxing battle points, no need for an additional award.
    Bloodied But Unbowed - most often going to come up in near-tablings, rare but might happen
    Martyr - The "Try Fantasy" award, oldie but goodie.
    Won them All - again, rewarding people who do really well is not the idea; there would be a lot of these and especially for the overall winners most likely.
    Where did they all go? - much like Bloodied but Unbowed, maybe too much?
    Better Lucky than Good - sufficiently general, also perhaps give it out to anyone who rolls a yahtzee?
    Escort - Maybe change this to running a single unit off the table, but in at least 2 games over the weekend? Could also be frustrating if you end up playing against a lot of fearless opponents.

    I like Swags' suggestions, actually. Maybe another one could be for killing the opponent's HQ in every game - Headhunters. Use Outflank or Deep Strike (not Daemons) every game - Reservist. King of the Hill - occupy every terrain piece at the end of a game. Destroy 20+ vehicles over the weekend - Tank Hunter.

    Well, that's what I have for now.

  3. @Swags: I like the changes to Brass Knuckles and Sure Shot. I think achieving 4 KP's with one unit is difficult, unless your fighting some death-stars (Eg. My paladin squad and raider is 4 KP) But if you kill it all with one squad then you deserve something, lol. One thing though, does "kill," mean deliver the last blow, or is it something more complicated?

    @Tzeentchling: I like yours, though some require a little too much tracking for the TO's. Perhaps one could be "Headhunter - Kill all of your opponents HQ's by turn 3." or "headhunter - Kill all of your Opponents HQ's and Elites and do not table them." I agree with not wanting to reward players who are already at the top tables though.

  4. I also think Im going to add that "yahtzee!" as an award, its too funny.


  5. Hummm yes it would have to be last blow.

    Or in shooting lets say Landraider shoots rhino and speeder, then razor and speeder in annother round.

    In CC lets say Zerks some how get the jump on a BA unit with a Priest and IC. They win then go on to hit a tank in the rear. 4 KP's no need to do it all in one assault.

    @Tzeench One problem with some ideas is its hard to track this and be honest over the entire event. Staying with things that are awarded in the same round is just easier.
    Good input on the rest.

  6. Uncommon valor - troop choice kills a squad worth double its points value in a game turn.