Wednesday, August 3

Conversion, Flamers of Khorne

Hello all, you know I love to give love to the under dogs and who better to love right now than some Daemons! Thanks Grey Knights...No really thanks, because if my Daemons are ever gonna have a chance against you their next codex will be so broken it wont be funny. Its OK, I can wait.

On the conversion block today, The Flamers of Khorne!!!

For starters I have a nice sized Daemon army and a unhealthy love for the Blood God. But I knew I needed more than just Khorne units in my list to get the flexibility I needed in game play. So I ended up using a common paint theme through my army and doing some nice conversions to fit the mold I had in mind.

That said I set out to fit some Flamers into my force.

Lets start with some Bloodletters with instruments.

SIDE NOTE: I don't use these instruments for any other thing than this in my army to avoid confusion.

The idea was that they blow hell fire out these horns and burn baby burn!

Did some drilling, not to hard to do on the body, a bit more difficult on the Furie wings.

Note the right hands that have the Hell Blade removed and drilled out as well.

Also don't forget to get them on flying bases. I know the real ones come on 20mm, I think, but I wanted something a bit more sturdy for these guys and no one has ever had a problem with that after they see the work put into getting them up and running.

For the right hand I used the skulls from the Icon, cuz I had a bunch left over and didn't know what else to do with them.

After some painful drilling I strung them up on some wire, three to a set.

These will represent the three other shooting attacks they have that I never use.

Time to put it all together and do some final paint work.

And enter one of my favorite unit choices, Flame on!

In the end I would do 6 of these guys.

Well that's about it, not to hard to do but definitely a visually interesting conversion and fitting to my theme.

Game on, Swags.


  1. Very nicely done, I quite like them.

  2. looking good man, great conversion work :)

  3. Thanks guys, They are a fun unit for sure.