Wednesday, January 4

List of the Week, Double Paladin Star!!!

Like them or hate them Paladins are here to stay, unless you take the high road with GoatBoy and decide to not play GK. So lets look at an over priced, out numbered death star list that probably has no chance in a regular game of 40K, why? cause the only thing better than one death star, is two!

I call it the "Lucky 24" due to the fact that there are 24 models in the list and you will be lucky to not get blasted off the table even though its a double death star list.

The Lucky 24

HQ. Draigo

HQ. Libby shrouding, might of titan, sanctuary

T.(1) Paladins x 10
   1- psycannon/sword
   2- psycannon/sword
   3- psycannon/halberd
   4- psycannon/halberd
   5- hammer
   6- hammer
   7- sword
   8- halberd
   9- warding stave
  10 brotherhood banner

T.(2) Paladins
   Same load out!

E.(1) Techmarine blind/rad grenades

E.(2) Techmarine blind/rad grenades

2000 points on the nose!

Of course Draigo and a Tech go with one unit of Paladins while the libby and 2nd Tech go with the other, staying close to each other for the powers. And yes your entire enemy force will have no other targets to shoot at so plan on getting the crap blasted out of you from turn one on.

So why even think of this??? Well that's a good question, the real plan is combining forces in a multiple army/ team type tournament. Ahh yes... now its starts to come together.

What if the lucky 24 are not the only part of the force?

What if they have a meat shield and take 3+ cover for the first turns?

These questions and more will be answered soon in a massive battle report so stay tuned!



  1. I think you're right that this list wouldn't do well in a normal game, but in a multi-player event/ team event this would be simply terrifying.