Friday, January 20

For the Fun of it! Part 1

Every now and then I get burnt out on 40K, Is it the rules conflicts, the never ending paint work to do, the endless time spent trying to set up games (and lists for them), or just the nonstop Internet banter?

I don't know, but one thing I do know is its always easy to get back to basics and find the funny in what we do. I love the humor in 40K, as do others, so I'm setting up some of my favorite visual distractions related to our funtastic hobby!

And yes I know that none of this is probably new to you if your on the net all day, so lets just assume you already told me you have seen any of this on some other blog or forum before and just enjoy some humorous distractions, why not?

Yes, yes, yes Ork players I know you love your WAAAAAGH!!!

You just got told Avatar! Suck on that.

Old but good, the details are what sells this one. Come on a sink, towel holder and TP roll.

Come on, this has a life time of fart jokes in it.

Last, another old one, but damn its so COOL!

So if your burnt on every day 40K, remember to try and keep up with the fun factor.

Making one of these types of distractions, or just looking for/at them reminds me not to get too serious about things.

Never let the fun side of 40K leave you behind!


Side Note: I want to take this time to thank GoatBoy for his comics. I know that its a labor of love that some don't understand, but some of us do need the reality break that your funnys bring us. Thanks for that!

Let's see it folks, what has been some of your favorite "funny," 40k stuff?  Post up some links in the comments... 40k jokes anyone?


  1. I feel like this is one of the things that really makes a good gaming group fun. Where I come from all mention of Chuck Norris has been replaced with Draigo, for example.


  3. They will never be a street named after Driago, cause nobody crosse Driago!