Saturday, January 7

List of the Week, Shhhhh be very very quiet, Im hunting Paladins!

Last time I did a list here it was all about the Draigo death stars, so this time I'm flipping the coin and bringing the fight to them. Say hello to the "Blessing of the Beast" list.

In history, and I guess now too, when a hunt was proposed it was for a general target. Normally you don't go out hunting rabbits and come back with a bear. Or worse go deer hunting and come back with a squirrel, so sad.

Well this list is no different. It is meant for one thing and one thing only, hunting Grey Knights. Even more specific hunting "Draigo Wing" style Paladin lists. How is this you say, well basically taking the best defence and creating an offence out of it. This means spamming the crap out of Blessing of the Blood God rule.

The Blessing of the Beast list 2000Pt's:

HQ. SkullTaker on Juggernaut

HQ. Khorne herald on Juggernaut, Might & Blessing

HQ. Same

HQ. Same

E. BloodCrushers x 5, Icon & Fury

T. Bloodletters x 15

T. Bloodletters x 15

F. FleshHounds x 11

F. FleshHounds x 11

H. Daemon Prince of khorne, Iron Hide & Blessing

H. Same

H. Same

As you may know every unit here except the troops and Crusher squad have the Blessing of the Blood God rule. Yes, all 22 hounds too! This is great for CC with GK power and terminator armor as well as any psychic shooting attacks they might get hit with.

The Heralds and Crushers are a true death star that must be dealt with, unless your just too fast. But even that can be a problem from time to time if your good at deep striking.

The Bloodletters run smooth at 15 man strong and will suck up some fire if they take cover, all the while the DP's and Hounds advance locking up combat and smashing face.

So if your friend is making you want to quit playing 40K every Tuesday night when he brings his Draigo list out, call up the hunting party. Then roll out 50 or 60 2+ saves against him and watch how fast he changes up his list to try and counter it.

Lets go hunting wabbits!

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