Tuesday, January 17

Healthy war-gamer Challenge

A while back I was listening to an 11th company podcast and they had a couple of guests on there that were trying to raise awareness of a problem in our niche group.  They issued a challenge to war-gamers to become more healthy in their lifestyles.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The following is my plan on getting there.

Ok, so I might have put on a few pounds in the ol' love muffin.  But you see I didn't think I was "that bad."  The thing is that when you work a desk job where the most movement you get daily is the movement of my hand from the keyboard to the mouse the weight adds on easily. Im also always going out to lunch with friends and co-workers and I order with my eyes (I love food!).  When I finally get home from work I have an expensive treadmill with all the bells and whistles, but I never use it because I was a genius and put it in the basement (where I only go to watch movies and play video games, lol).  Right now the most exercise I get is when I do the occasional snowboarding and weekly soccer games, but even then I can feel myself getting more exhausted quicker and Im taking longer to recover than before. Yes, Im 30+ so that doesn't help.

See, here is the thing, in College I played soccer at a very high level.  I could run for hours (literally a game is 90 minutes) without stopping or calling for a sub.  I loved exercising and was in excellent shape.  Then I entered the Air Force where I put on some muscle and damn was it nice to go the ocean for some surfing when your looking good. Now, when I go out with my family on the boat I try to put my shirt on as fast as possible.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not extremely overweight or obese, but compared to what I am used to be, this cannot go on any longer.  As such I have accepted the healthy war-gamer challenge.

Here is my plan:

- I have purchased P90x.  I meet the basic requirements to do the exercises and have completed one week of work outs. I am already sore all over my body, but I love it!  Going to the gym just doesn't work for me, and I know several people who have made life changes with this program.  Normally I don't believe in home workouts, but this seriously works.

My body looks like the left picture. Time to move to the right!
This persons results are with the P90x program.
- Eat less, move more.  To help with the work issue I bought a bluetooth for my phone and I am making a rule to not ever sit down when Im on the phone (which is almost all day, lol).  I am also ordering half sizes of meals and drinking at least 2 glasses of water to help make me fill full.  I discovered that with a few small changes like getting grilled chicken instead of parmesan crusted chicken and getting a half order I can cut my calorie intake by 60% and I can still eat the foods I love!  This is really hard for me though, because I love food (did I say that already?)

- Team "DUKE,"  My beautiful wife has committed to this as well, though she really doesn't need it at all like I do, cause she is in great shape! But the morale support is awesome and she makes me work out when I don't want to.  My blog is also a part of Team DUKE because I know if I come back to you without any improvements then you will all give me crap. Peer pressure FTW!

My goal: I went to the doctor and he said that my ideal weight for my height and build is about 185 lbs, which is round about where I was in the Air Force. My soccer weight was 170 but I was bone skinny then.  For now I think 180-185 is perfect.

Weight: 213
Goal: 185
Total weight loss goal: 28-30Lbs

I would never force anyone to join me, but if you want to accept the challenge send me an email at Dukesinferno (at) Blogspot (dot) com.  Or post in the comments area.  Your goal doesn't have to be like mine, but if you want to be a part of Team DUKE let me know... It pushes me even harder!




  1. I'm about to start the second workout cycle for P90X. It definitely works! Good luck!

  2. I guess we should talk. I need to get Thomas on board!

  3. Feels like january 1st all over again.

    I challenged myself to some healthier lifestyle too, mainly dropping Soda Drink and Amp. I'm currently at 178, with my ideal weight at 156. That's definately not where i'm aiming, but i'm hoping to drop to 165 before the summer.

  4. @A: yea, I've heard great things (and seen) with P90x. I sed to make fun of my friend who was way into it, but now he is running marathons, whos laughing now?

    @ Darkwynn: get on the train, amigo. The food sucks and it hurts like hell, but beauty is pain princess!

    @E: I hate new years resolutions, this just happens to be in Jan where I got sick of being out of breath. Good luck with your goals man! Let me know how it goes.


  5. Beer and vodka make you feel full too. Just saying. Also having a bar next to you store is a great idea as well. You should look into these alternatives FIRST.

  6. Noted! If I pass out before 6pm ill also miss dinner!

  7. If you have a tivo and walk your treadmill while watching your shows it's a good multi-task.

    You could also set your treadmill to 1 or so while playing your videogames, it's not much and it might affect your kill count, but it's you being active and not sitting on the couch.

  8. Anon: I tried that once or twice... Turns out I just go off the treadmill cause my kill ratio went through the floor :(

  9. This sounds great Im trying to loose weight to get into the navy. My current weight is 300lbs give or take a cheeseburger. Optimum weight is 235, but even when I was wreastling and playing football I was never under 260 with 6 pack abs. IM at 27% body fat and just need to get to 23% for the navy. Ive come down 80 lbs over the last year but that last friggin 4% is not going anywhere on its own.

    1. Obviously I approve of this goal for many reasons! Good luck on your goal, and remember Ill be suffering in concert!